Thursday, January 21, 2010

Product Review: DCL Glycolic Acid Pads

i've never been a fan of peels...not until early last year. pimple scars was then all over my face and though i was using Obagi at that time, i need to undergo peeling to make sure dead skin cells are removed to give way to healthier and clearer skin.

but like most people, i hate the actual peeling. you know, when you'd look like a snake shedding its skin? i went thru that with other types of peel. and aside from the looks i get from people, i also hate myself from not being able to keep my hands off my face to strip those skin off. (eeeww!) so i told my derma to give me something more gentle (meaning less ugly peeling) but would still give me that glowing, clear skin. aside from that, i would need something i can use even without visiting her clinic. i am so lazy when it comes to visiting my derma (not to mention my dentist too!) for check ups.

i am so glad she gave me this:

DCL Glycolic Acid Pads

Exfoliating treatment designed to be an at-home mini-peel. Pads easily sweep away dead, dull skin cells, permitting new healthy cells to take their place. With a pH of 2.5, this product is much more active than the daily AHA leave-on products and not as aggressive as a true glycolic peel. Perfect for use with anti-aging and acne treatment regimens.


•Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
•Leaves skin with a smoother, clearer appearance
•Enhances absorption and effectiveness of additional treatment products.

Use as directed by your physician. Usually three times per week. Wash hands after use.

what i love:

comparable to results done at derma clinics at a lower cost, a tub consisting of 60 pads costs Php2800 (how much does one session of glycolic peel costs?)
gives my skin that glow even right after the first use
with its abrasive pads, it removes the dull feeling of rough skin and leaves the skin smooth
lessens the appearance of fine lines and scars
plenty of products on the pads...more than enough to cover your whole face with glycolic acid
gives micro-peeling effect, so goodbye to shedding big strips of dead skin

what i hate:

stings a bit. but i think it's just normal since it's acid. just wash your face with water after 2-3mins
the smell...but again, it's acid

will i buy again?
i just did! my skin's messing up...and this product actually helped me with my skin problems last year, so i'm going back to this!

before using, make sure to wash your face thoroughly. wipe face with a clean cloth then apply the pad all over your face. wipe gently since pad is kinda abrasive. wait for 2-3x minutes then wash face with water. do not apply any other skin products after. i use this at night, then in the morning just wash my face with water again then just apply sunblock and then makeup. allow at least 24hrs before applying your other skin products like toner, moisturizers, etc etc

sometimes, your face would itch after using this. just wait for 2-3mins then wash with water. just continue washing with water until itchiness stops

do not apply on broken skin

do not apply on sensitive areas like eyes and lip area

for hygienic purposes, use tweezers to get one pad from the tub

i love this product. i wish i never stopped using this together with obagi. now my skin's getting back at me.
again, when you've found the right products for you...stick with it!
stop experimenting.



Dana Yoshimizu said...

I think I'd be a little scared to you something like this one my face. I just get worried after reading horror stories about people's skin reacting badly after using stuff like this >.<

MereMakeupManiac said...

good thing it works for you. i tried a derma's reco once and boy was it a waste of money and effort. X-< but maybe i'll try to ask for this when i visit another derma... is it ok to use even if you're using an exfoliant 3x a week as well, such as St. Ives Apricot Scrub? am afraid my skin's going to be more oily if so, because i tried exfoliating too often once and i paid for it lol.

Unknown said...

hi dana, i just trust my derma friend that's why i resorted to DIY peel like this one. i have sensitive skin too (i get red easily) but i dont get any harsh reactions when using this

hiyeee sis mhean...i use apricot scrub too but i dont use this when i just used the scrub. :)

sapphirebelle said...

hi sis! can we score this stuff locally? where?

Soapaholic said...

Sis may I ask who your derma is and where her clinic is located?:)

This sounds like a great product.:)

Crystal said...

this looks like a nice product! i'll do some research.

Unknown said...

hi bunnypwincess, i think you can ask a derma for this one. if you want me to get this for u just let me know :) it's 2800 for 60 pads.

my derma is from bataan sis soapaholic but i think u can also get it from dermas here... :)

thanks for reading crystal! let me know if u stumble on a bad review/info. so far i am loving this product

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