Monday, January 4, 2010

Product Review: MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer

I can never get enough of foundations and concealers...with a blemished skin like mine, i am always on the look out for something that can at least take away or blur my imperfections. So whenever i visit makeup counters, i look first at their foundations and concealers.

I heard about MAC's Studio Sculpt a looongg time ago, but i just saw them 2 months ago when i dropped by their counter. I tried their foundation from this line, and it's great but it's OOS. So i tried their concealer instead.
A creamy concealer that provides full coverage with a natural matte finish. Brushes on with enough blend time to conceal any size of blemish. Rich formulation allows you to use a micro-amount of product to even out skin. Water-resistant and long-wearing.


I loved it when the MUA tried it on me. I had to get one and yeah, i prayed that this won't go to waste like my other undereye concealers that i never get to use often.

before concealer

after concealer...
(concealer applied using brush then tapped with a finger...not set with any powder)

what i love:
  • this is a perfect shade to cover up my undereyes! before, i would use a yellow-based concealer to correct then my foundation color because it would turn out to be too yellow. but not for this one!
  • i can use it at home even without any other makeup on because it feels and looks like my skin
  • no irritations
  • a little goes a long way because it's opaque and you just need a bit to cover those nasty undereye circles
  • the consistency..and it doesn't settle into my fine lines and it blends easily
  • stays put for looong hours without the need to retouch
  • its sturdy container (same with that of paint pots). i dropped this a LOOOOT of times already and it's still intact, whew!
  • easy to apply. i use brush but i can also use my finger when i'm in a hurry...but of course that's not hygienic. BLEH!
what i hate:
expensive..priced at Php990/pot but it's still cheaper than my beloved Shu Uemura Pro-concealer

side by side comparison with Cinemasecrets' salmon colored concealer
(MAC - Cinemasecrets)

* notice that with Cinemasecrets, i would still have to top it with powder so it won't settle into my fine's also a bit on the oily side while MAC dries off to a matte finish

would i buy again?
definitely yes! i'd try to get a shade similar to the shade of the rest of my face to cover my acne scars..and i am hoping it would work great as well.

  • make sure to apply eyecream on your undereye area first before applying this. area must be well hydrated to avoid flaking or creasing
  • best used with a brush, then pat with your ring finger
  • to use with clients, get a small amount from the pot using a spatula for hygienic purposes. remember, no double dipping!


Miss Shopcoholic said...

tagal na akong curious sa concealer na to.. but I still have the Select cover up and the Studio finish concealers to finish.. thanks for the review!

G said...

hahaha, still don't have MAC products... a goal for the year: buy mac products :P

Crystal said...

that's a great review! i have select cover up though so i won't be buying this soon.w

mandy said...

it sounds really nice! does it cover acne scars & blemish well? i might try this when i finish at least half of my current concealer :P

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