Friday, January 8, 2010

Product Review: Majorlica Majorca Lash Expander

Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus

The innovative "Spiral-shaped" x "Comb-shaped" double head brush simultaneously gives infinite growth and instantaneous lustrous black eyelashes.

The improved formula contains 1.5 times of ultra thick black lengthening fiber contents which gives astonishing stretched eyelashes from roots to ends.

The spiral-shaped brush fills crevice between lashes creates natural eyeliner effect. Waterproof formula makes your eyelashes captivating, dazzling and sparkling all day!

I admit, i am a sucker for mascaras. If there's one thing i won't be able to live without (aside from my brow shader), it would be mascara. Back in the days when i don't know anything about makeup, a wand of mascara is already a staple in my kit. I wasn't born with luscious set of lashes, so i make sure i wear mascara after curling my lashes. Yeah, i wear it everyday!

I first heard bout MM Lash Expander from Lelila, and i was hesitant at first. I was too outdated when it comes to the latest beauty buzz..and i didn't know that a lot of girls have been raving on this. So, i got myself one from her good friend and from then on (2 months ago), i have been using this mascara more often than the others.

naked, curled lashes

luscious lashes after a single coat of MM mascara

what i love:

adorable packaging
lengthens, separates and holds the curl
doesn't clump
it has small fibers which stick to the tip of my lashes, giving it the illusion of longer lashes
intenseblack color, giving the illusion of thick lashes
one coat gives me that luscious set of lashes i've always wanted

what i hate:

kinda expensive, i got mine for Php750...but hey, i've both much more expensive one which didn't work (ugh)
hard to remove...i use my Loreal eyemakeup remover and it helps!

will i buy again?
Yes. It's not available locally though. I wish i can find another seller so i can get a backup :)

I love this mascara...but if you find this too expensive, you can get the Maybelline Cat Eyes mascara instead. It's cheaper and can give you the same effect of luscious lashes...but IMHO, the lengthening effect won't be the same. But it can be a great alternative.


ayn said...

hi! thanks for the review... I've been also lemming for this product since a lot of girls raved about it... but then I still have a mascara that i don't want to change yet until i'm done with it... I know a seller of this locally and i think cheaper than the one where you bought yours... this is the site: :)

Ida said...

yay glad to read this review. i've been getting into mascaras lately. i'm using maybelline cat eyes right now, but when i run out i'll get this one next!

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