Saturday, January 9, 2010

Product Review: MYRA VitaMoisture Lip Balm

MYRA Lip Balm VitaMoisture

Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist-tested
Locks in moisture to keep lips soft, smooth and moisturized
Enriched with Vitamin E and moisturizers
Mild, gentle and safe for everyday use

available flavors:
Vanilla and Cherry

i am a lipgloss/lipbalm girl, so this kind of stuff is a staple in my makeup kit. i can never get enough of lipbalms, so i can't resist carting them whenever i see new brands coming out.

what i love:
cheap, priced at Php75
the smell...i got the vanilla flavor, and it really smells like vanilla!
really moisturizing
clear, so it doesn't mess up my lipstick shade if i top it with this
has spf, which is a must
cute packaging

what i hate:

will i buy again?
no. just because i have tons of balms and glosses that i don't get to finish. hehhee

if you are going to use it on yourself, you can use it directly from the tube. but if you are going to use it on clients, you can cut a small portion from it and apply it using a lip brush
to moisturize your lips, apply this before your lipstick. but don't apply too much for it tends to become "too oily" and will just make your lipstick slip off.
if you find your lipstick too matte, you can brush a bit of this on top

i must say this is my fave balm as of the moment. i use it a lot of times during the day and it actually replaced my petroleum jelly which i use at night. let's see if i get to finish a tube of this.

just wondering though: this is from MYRA-E, isn't it?



Marge said...

is there any part of the packaging where it specifies how much spf it has?

just asking, i know elf and revlon's do indicate that some of the their lip products have spf 15.

does also does it end up giving you that white line where your outer lips end and where your inner lips begin, kinda like scummy combination of lip skin, saliva, etc?

thanks for the review.

iamsutil said...

hi marge i checked out the packaging again and nope,it didnt say there how much spf it has. as for the white line, i didnt experience getting it during a week of using it :)

Marge said...

ey there, thanks for the feed back ^_^

* Rochelle * said...

love the cherry variant!!

kimberly said...

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katty said...

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