Thursday, January 28, 2010

say hi to my new baby!

i thought i'd be contented with my 'lil point-and-shoot cam which i've been using for the past 2 years. i must say it did serve me well...providing me with good photos and made sure i've documented the looks i've been coming up with for my blog.

well, i was wrong. i did come to a point that i wanted to get myself one of those bulky DSLRs like my friends and even X have. but then i wonder, what if i get so hooked and wanted to get those nice lens that most of DSLRs users dream of having? yeah, those big, expensive lens that would cost more than my makeup loot for a year! okay, maybe i'm exaggerating...hahahhaa but seriously, they are so damn expensive and they just couldn't get enough of them. i don't wanna be like that, yet.

so, just to satisfy the craving (and of course, to replace my old trusty Canon ixus75) of having the feel of a DSLR, i bought:

my new baby, Canon G11

Successor of PowerShot G10, it features 10 Megapixels CCD sensor, 5x optical zoom (35mm film equivalent: 28-140mm), DIGIC 4, capability to shoot RAW just like a DSLR camera, ISO 80-3200, and a 2.8-inch TFT 461,000 pixels color swivel LCD with wide viewing angle.

Measures 112 x 76 x 48 mm and weighs Approx. 355g.

* desc from MACWorld

i was supposed to get Shen's G11, but it didn't push through. i must admit, i was so disappointed and frustrated at that time that i told myself i am not going home without one. and so i did!

yeah, i am stubborn like that! LOL.

loving my new cam

i am still getting used to with all the settings. i am a retard with this kind of stuff so i'm sure that it'll be a helluva pain in the ass before i can have a nice shot...but i do hope i'd learn soon or else i'd hit my head sooo hard with this and just go back to my trusty Ixus.

i hope not, though.

i LOVE my new cam...really! i am so loving it that i am thinking of attending some basic class in photography soon. just enough for me to know stuff on apperture, iso, etc etc. (nosebleed!)

thanks to the one who made my wish possible (wink) how about an iPhone for next week? LOL!

now, i am thinking of what name to give my new baby. my car's named MAKISIG or MAK (mighty) and my dog i need another boy's name that starts with M.

any ideas?



Dana Yoshimizu said...

Oh LUCKY you!!! XD What a nice camera! ^__^

Jamilla Camel said...

What a great camera!! Congrats!!

jezzhae said...

mine is not ok...that's why i can't post picture have a nice camera!....

Cookie said...

looks so cool ^^...i want a new camera is boring...

boys name: M...marley~! ^^ haha...milo?...martin?

Shen said...

i really hope you can forgive me about that sis! But God is good! he gave you a brand new one!!! O di ba? di ka kasi pang second hand. :) sorry talaga sis. i'll really make bawi for backing out. sniff! sniff!

AskMeWhats said...

awww this is such a cool TOY!!! you look gorgeous holding it, bagay na bagay sayo :)

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