Friday, January 8, 2010

What's New: Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows

Can someone get me a glass of water please? i am palpitating here!

Have you heard bout this newest item from Urban Decay? Well, it hasn't been released yet..but if you want to be the first to know when it will be released, how much it would cost and other info about this uber gorgeous palette, you can go here to sign up.

I have their Vol. 1 and absolutely loving it (thanks to ate gracie)...too bad i wasn't able to get their Vol.2, but i just asked X to check some shops for me. Let's cross our fingers that he'll be able to get me one. :)

But this palette is one item i won't dare miss. I love the shades they have in Vol. 1 and just by looking at the picture here, i am dead sure that they are gorgeous and totally must-have shades for spring (and beyond!) I also love that it includes a shade of their liner that i don't have yet and that cute mini size of their primer potion.

so what are you waiting for? sign up now!


sssdawna said...

hey girl! i love the way this shadow box looks, but i wish they would put different colors in each one, instead of putting a lot of the same colors in each shadow box.

i can see painkiller, toasted and flash for sure...i guess if you run out of shades, it's cute to have multiple pans in different boxes though!

i'm just glad i don't have one yet so that this one can be my first! hahaha <3

Unknown said...

check the swatches here:

it's gonna be available jan 15 daw according to pursebuzz ^.^

Christy said...

looks awesome, i loove the designs on the inside of alice <3

Iambrigitte said...

hi sssdawna,yeah i noticed that some of the shades can be found in vol1 and vol2...good thing i dont have vol2 yet..but what the heck, i would still want to get this one! hhahaa

chelle, thanks for the heads i am totally salivating!

same here christy...the book of shadows are definitely worth collecting...

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