Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's up, Thursday!


nah, i am not cursing or simply means, So Happy It's Thursday! it's almost weekend, yiheeee!

so here's some updates bout me:

i am still fond of camwhoring when driving...hehehe. don't do this, really! it's not only dangerous but also embarrassing...well, when your car's not heavily tinted, it is! there's a lot of times already when other people would give me THAT kind of stare when they catch me smiling and taking my pic...same with when they see me applying my gloss.

13 minutes past 9AM and i'm still stuck in traffic. geesh, i am sooo late...AS ALWAYS!

honestly, i need help on this. any tips how i can come to work early? i wake up around 630am (take note that i get to sleep around 2-ish AM, insomniac much?) and leave the house past 8am. i try so hard to finish primping myself to work in an hour...which is so not me since i'm used to having AT LEAST 2hrs preparation.

i think i need motivation..urgh!

gorgeous Blair

finally, my first Cosmo mag for 2010! i've been going back and forth my fave magazine stands for their January edition, but was only able to see one this week. hmmm...

and then i noticed:

is it just me or this January edition is not as thick as the previous months?

and so what did i do with the cute Etude Romantic Stand that Sol gave me?

as cute as it may still won't replace my first ever, and dearest brush holder.

so what are my plans this weekend?
hmmm....simple: Eat. Sleep. Then Eat some more...and sleep a bit more.


lelila said...

haha oo wag mo palitan haha

Dana Yoshimizu said...

haha, I like your S.H.I.T. idea. I've never head of it before! LOL

& I wish I could help you on your morning situations, but I don't know how to. I luckily don't have to sit in traffic because if I did, I'd be late ALL the time. I barely make it to work as it is and I'm speeding down the highway when I'm running late.

sssdawna said...

i wish i could use a cute brush holder, but my cat steals my brushes and hides them!! someone told me that he might be attracted to the brush hairs? hahahaha

Shen said...

great s.h.!.t idea. :) i miss you!!! you're original brush holder rocks. :) i'm always late for work as well. from pasig to malate, i spend more time in the car than in the office. :) i so get the camwhoring part coz i'm like that tii. lol!

♥Pauchichi♥ said...

o girl we hella camwhore in cars don't we just luuv it! haha i even do vids in the car..papano mainit lumabas kaya hindi na ako sumasama pag baba ni i luv ur lippie girl what were u wearin that day?

I miss bein late hahaha! kasi palagi akong late din! woot!

MereMakeupManiac said...

haha i can't help out on the late thing, am like that as well even if i have tons of time to prepare lol. but i salute you on the camwhoring while driving, i can't do that! if am the passenger i can hehe.

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