Sunday, February 21, 2010

another round of NYX loot...

how can i be so outdated!? lots of makeup addicts (errr, enthusiasts i mean) have been raving about the NYX cream blushes and i don't have any friggin' idea that they exist!

good thing, Sol's always there to the rescue...hahaaha!

cream blushes, eyebase and lipgloss

Gold Pink

and yet another purrrttty shade of gloss from NYX!

Boho Chic



i am yet to learn how to apply cream blushes properly. for some tips on cream blush application, here's Nikki's post..i'm sure you'll learn a lot.

Eyebase in Medium

want to get these as well?
click here.



Dana Yoshimizu said...

I really like that gloss, it's such a pretty pink~ :)

AskMeWhats said...

the eyebase looks interesting! I haven't bought any NYX products recently, thanks for the heads up

Unknown said...

yes dana, this gloss is my new fave!

i really haven't tried wearing the eyebase under my e/s, but it's a good color corrector for the lids, nikki!

Miss Shopcoholic said...

i have Gold pink too! its really a nice shade esp for evening.. the cream blushes looks nice! cant wait for the eyeshadow base review jheng.

Unknown said...

yes sis khymm, watch out for it :)

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