Friday, February 5, 2010

Foodtripping: Classic Cuisine (C2)

'twas another lunch break when the foodtrippers striked again. we were all stressed with work, and of course what's the best way to de-stress besides shopping? FOOD!

since we only have a 1-hr break, we decided to just go somewhere near the office (but do we really care if we go on overbreak? LOL). An officemate of ours suggested to try out C2 (Classic Cuisine) at Megamall which serves unique Filipino dishes
. i was hesitant at first, since i wanted to try out other cuisines, but what the is still food. LOL

Aligue Rice
Creamy crabfat, toasted garlic and rice


i dunno why, but i can't remember tasting too much of the aligue. or maybe it's just me.

Monggo at Bagnet

sorry, forgot how much this is. but it's good...i love monggo though i would love it better if it's with galunggong (fried fish). alright, i am asking too much =)

Binagoongang Lechon Kawali
Crispy liempo topped with sauce served with grilled eggplant relish


this is what i've ordered. i was surprised to see it like this. i was expecting the usual...but again, they are serving unique pinoy dishes. i still liked it though, most especially the eggplant relish that came with it. we even asked the waiter if they are serving a separate dish of the relish...hehehe!

C2 Adobo Classic
The complete Filipino adobo stewed chicken with egg, bananas, tomatoes and atchara


i love my aunt's adobo better...was expecting more with this dish.

Crispy Squid
Golden and tender squid rings drizzled with soy glaze


this is good...but nothing great.

Leche Flan
Melt in the mouth milk custard


ahhh, now this is LOVE! it literally melts in your mouth. not too sweet, just the right sweet that would leave you craving for more!

Biko Barako
Coffee infused rice cakes with a molten hazelnut surprise


i am not a fan of rice cakes...but it's good.

Bibingka Souffle
An award winning dessert- light and fluffy blend of coconut custard, salted egg quezo de bola and toasted coconut


we were confused with this one. it tastes good but we were looking for more of the bibingka taste.

let's pour that milk, baby!

trying out my camera's color accent feature again :)

the happy (and full) foodtrippers!

overall, food is great. we left the restaurant so full and yet planning on when to pay them another visit to try out other dishes...and of course, their meryendas!

if you love pinoy dishes but wants some twist, this is one place to go. dishes are priced at Php250 up, good for 2-3 it won't really burn a hole in your pockets.

Other Branches:

C2 Megamall
(02) 470-1152

C2 Shangrila Mall
(02) 636-1510

C2 Powerplant Mall, Rockwell
(02) 897-8113

C2 Robinson's Place
(02) 466-63867


Madz said...

I see this in Megamall, I think near Bigby's, somewhere along the Atrium, but haven't dared dine in there.

The food photos look great, maybe I'll consider dining in C2 some time.

I love reading your blog by the way. :) said...

I nominated you for an award:

Jamilla Camel said...

Great food pics! I love your new bangs too!

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