Sunday, February 14, 2010

iamsutil wishes you a...

(cake from X)


again, i don't have the "normal" V-day that most couples have since X isn't here to celebrate it with me. but this year, i celebrated it with my family...and it made my V-day really special.

also, i want to greet everybody a


it's the year of the Tiger and i hope this year will bring us all good luck and all the great things we've been wishing for.

God bless us all!

1 comment:

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

belated happy vday =) remember me? lol ang sweet naman ng x mo.. baka love ka pa nya... hmmm

nwei napadaan lang kc ka-chat ko sis ko, idol ka daw talaga nya... naku kaya nga nagpapabili na naman ng make up sakin. Naiinggit sa mga make ups mo lol ang mahal kaya ng mac, di ko ma-afford..

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