Friday, February 26, 2010

it has come!

this post is loooongg overdue...sniff.
but hey, like what they say "It's better late, than never!"

my long-awaited palette arrived February 11, just in time for my sister's prom (and so i thought). i was so excited to bring it home to the province so i can use it for sam's makeup...

but there has been a not so minor problem:

yeah, the mirror is broken...full story here. i must admit, i was so frustrated that i wanted to cry. if i return it and have my money refunded, it would take me ages to get another one...if i just keep it as it is, well...the mirror's broken and it's bad luck. but bad luck or not, i paid for the palette and i deserve to get what i paid for.

good thing, the seller met up with me and replaced the damaged palette.

oh, Alice...i thought i'd lose you!


16 yummy colors

most of the shades are already present in Vol I and Vol II, but i don't care...not because i don't have vol 2 but because this is limited, baby! and i must have it!
(don't be like me...hahaha)

Underland - Alice - Oraculum - Queen

Chessur - White Rabbit - Wonderland - Curiouser

Muchness - Mushroom - Midnight Tea Party - Vorpal

Absolem - Drink Me, Eat Me - Mad Hatter - Jabberwocky

liners in Flipside and Zero

midget size of their famous UDPP

i wasn't able to use the palette for my sister's prom, but it's okay. at least i got it replaced, and since mom liked it very much she asked me to get her one too! yes, my mom is another proud owner of this Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette! she just loves how blendable the eyeshadows are and the colors...she adores the colors!

now, i am so relieved that i finally got what i paid for. i am loving my new palette, and now i want to get my own Vol II even more!

honestly, i was on the verge of getting mad with the seller and confronting her in a not-so-good manner. but i think i was too frustrated to even argue...good thing she offered to have it replaced the next day, and even threw a kabuki brush as a freebie! so ladies, if you get involved in a transaction like this one, try to come up with some sort of agreement first and talk it out with the seller. there's no issue that cannot be resolved when you talk about it and when both parties are calm and willing to compromise.



Miss Shopcoholic said...

*drools!* so pretty! good thing the seller replaced the broken palette.. =)

Ghie said...

I agree to sis khymm. The seller should replace it talaga :)

Camille Santos said...

good thing that she replaced it that much money isnt that easy to find..alice is lost haha..not anymore

AskMeWhats said...

congrats sis! at least it was replaced na! :) :) :) I am so excited for you!!!! this palette is gorgeous!

serrah! said...

hello! i'm a constant reader of your blog.. and i'm wonderin' where do you usually buy NYX lipstick or blush.. do you know any place here in MNL where I can buy it? or do you usually but it online?? Hoping to hear from you! :-) Thanks!

sssdawna said...

i'm glad you got a new one! i would've been upset too. lol i like you how said 'don't be like me' but it might be too late for that! i just bought a mac lipglass cuz it was LE even though i knew it wouldn't look good on me! i thought, oh maybe one of my friends will like it, i better get it...haha

MAGGIE said...

Phew! Good thing she replaced it! That's worth like so many make up... so you deserve a damage free palette! :)

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