Thursday, March 4, 2010

here comes spring -- by MAC!

i got these from the mail today...


actually, they are the MAC Spring Forecast 2010 collection! and YES, they are finally here.
won't be sold until March 14!

well at least, you still have time to save up so you can grab these purrrttttyy babies.

I only rely on swatches/recommendations I read online so i'll know what to get. And to make sure that I get those that I like, I'd call the MA to reserve them for me. Yeah, I place my orders first before getting to test the items.

But now's a different story...

Carlos of MAC Shang is so kind that he showed us the testers even before the launch on March 14! We were like kids playing with crayons!

the Viva Glams: Cyndi and Gaga
(to be launched April 1)

surprisingly, i didn't like any eyeshadows from the collection. don't get me wrong, they are pretty but i have too much e/s already and i don't think i'd be able to finish them all up. i swatched all of them and didn't find any that i still don't have (or in the same shade) in my stash.

i must say the lips stuff from this collection are all gorgeous that I wanted to get ALL! but of course, i can' i'm not even sure if i'd be able to use those i reserved.

the blush ombres are to die for, though.

don't hate me if i dunno the shades of these pretty lips stuff! i had Carlos rummaging through them one by one after I pointed out to him what i'll be getting..LOL!

so ladies, if you want to see these testers for yourself, drop by MAC Shangrila and look for Carlos. He'll be more than happy to show them to you. Just be nice by remembering what shades you'd want to get and don't be like me! hahaha! and oh, don't forget to mention that you were referred by Sol.

Eyeshadows - 870
Lipstick - 970
Blush Ombre - 1,470 each
Stackable Pigment - 1,600
Quads - 2,300
Lipliners - 850

(thanks Sol!)

and here's a somehow disturbing and scandalous pic of me and Carlos:

who's who!?
oh please don't tell X.

thanks Carlos =)
and of course, thanks to Sol for tagging me along and for the pics.

so ladies, see you at the launch?


lelila said...

mas fink lips ni carlos, so sya ang girl hahaha!

AskMeWhats said...

Ang cute ni Carlos! he's really nice :) and the pink lipstick he's wearing I LOVE! :)

lelila said...

funny kase di alam ni carlos na nagpose si jheng sa tabi nya, kala nya sya lang kukuhanan ko ng pic, kaya mega emote haha

naloka ang carlos nung nakita ang picture, nagulat haha

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this to come out here! All those bright colours = love! Nice pics ;)

Anonymous said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE ........................................

Miss Shopcoholic said...

hehe.. swerte you got to see the upcoming products.

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