Thursday, March 25, 2010

Product Review: CUTEX Nail Whitener

lately, i've been noticing that a lot of girls out there are getting addicted to nail polishes. let's have our very own, Sol as an example...hahaha but don't get me wrong. i envy them! i wish i can go gaga over nail polishes too, but aside from having ugly, short nails...i often suffer from yellow nails! and no matter how hard i try to remove it with a nail polish remover, it just won't go away.

i can actually scrape it off, but truth be told, i have really thin and weak nails and i rarely use a nail pusher when i'm having my nails i don't use nail polishes that much. i would love to have nails matching my outfit, or even my makeup on certain days but the thought of having dirty, yellowish nails for days just tick me off.

so when i saw this promising item during my visit at SM Beauty section weeks ago, i realized that maybe there's hope for me and my (yellowish) nails after all:


Optically brightens yellowish and discolored nails caused by nail polish with dark pigments
(esp if applied without protection or base coat), smoking, fungal/bacterial infections and more

Gives a whiter, brighter and healthier-looking glow to nails

Contains green tea extract (an antioxidant) that protects nails from environmental pollutants
Can be used on natural and acrylic nails

what i love:

easy to apply
quick drying
no strong chemical smell aside from the usual scent of a nail polish
cute and travel-friendly packaging
conceals the yellowish tinge on nails
stays long, mine lasts for almost a week before it starts to chip off
easy to remove
doesn't leave a stain. i've used some "colorless" nail polish and they leave a stain on my nails

it does look "too white" at first, kinda fake-looking, but it does tone down a bit giving you the illusion of clear, glowing and healthy nails

my nails after 5 days

what i hate:

a bit expensive for an 8ml bottle (Php209.75) . but it does the job, so it's worth the price!

now, i get to wear nail polish more often and a lot longer without the fear of yellowish nails after. so, does this mean you'd see me with nail-related posts from now on? hmmm, maybe when i have longer (and a lot stronger) nails!



Jem said...

i was actually surprised too when i saw the cutex stall on sm. i hope they'll be able to have the cutex polish remover wipes din dito sa pinas..

i wanted to buy their polishes, but the color selection is not that good. it's too....uhhh....boring

it's great that it works for you.

try The Face Shop polish remover kasi i notice that my nails are not that yellow-ish i i use it compare to others.

I also notice that whenever i use Kiss base coat (i can't remember what base coat i use), my nails are not yellow-ish unlike when i use base coats from other brands..

lelila said...

haha, ako talaga example ha! will check out this item when i go visit Watson's mega, thanks for the reco. It's not as white as a liquid corrector naman pala like you told me before, slight lang haha

AskMeWhats said...

You're right, yellowing nails isn't sexy! and for the price, if it works its ok :) Thanks for this

notjustminerals said...

Hi! Is this a temporary fix for stained nails or does it really eliminate the staining even after the whitener is removed? I'm really curious about it coz ever since I started wearing np on my finger nails a couple of months ago, I noticed the yellow tinge even with a good basecoat.

CherryColors said...

GIRL, that IS great news! Where can I find it, so it ships internationally?

Crystal said...

ouch, kinda expensive, but i'm glad it works!

An Unica Hija said...

same with nikkiz question. :-/

Unknown said...

thanks for the reco, sis thiamere!

sol e adik ka naman talaga ehhehe, pero inggit ako sa nail polish collection mo..kakaloka! hehehe, hanggang hiram na lang ako hahaha!

you are the queen of nails for me sis nikki! i wish i can be as talented as you!

hmmm, i never really took notice if the yellow tinge went away when i took it off. but i guess so..coz i didn't wear any polish for days after removing this whitener. i'll observe it the next time sis nikkiz

hi sis tamara i'm not really sure...i just saw them at watsons here in the philippines. but i think they have a website not sure if this is the same cutex being sold here.

yeah it works crystal!

sorry for the late reply unica

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