Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the story behind the V-day cakes...

(...another late post)

(i bet you know who salvaged this poor, cute cake)

yeah, 3 cakes from X last V-day. actually, it's 5...the other two are marked "Very" and "Much." But because of confusion, we thought we have 1 cake each (i was in the province for last V-day and we are 5 in the house). X's brother delivered them and didn't say we had no idea. and stupid us didn't even check them one by one so we didn't know they are labeled!


i got the one labeled "Love" and salvaged it but didn't finish...we ended up eating the other two.

so i was surprised when X asked for a picture, and i sent the one labeled LOVE. He asked where's the other 4...and i said "they are not mine, so why would i take pictures of their cakes!" LOL he even called his brother to confirm if he had the cakes labeled differently and well,'s our fault!

i honestly felt bad about it...and called mom. she also felt bad about it...actually, the whole family felt bad! but good thing they still have the other two..and because i'm afraid that the cake would melt on my trip back to Manila, i also left it with them. Mom took the pictures and sent it to me so i'd feel better.

i was so embarrassed and kept on apologizing to X...he said it's okay. he tried calling the bakeshop here to ask if they still have V-day cakes available, and they don't since it's only being sold during V-day. he thought of sending me another set...awwww. and guess what, mom also called the bakeshop to get two more, labeled "Very" and "Much" just to have their picture taken.

oh least those 3 important words are complete, no?
and yeah, i learned my lesson....DO NOT ASSUME and CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!


lelila said...

haha cute story! si tita looks guilty oh hehe

AskMeWhats said...

ANG SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dramaramas said...

uber sweet..

Mischievous Mack said...

That's adorable, 5 cakes spelling out the phrase :)
It's too funny that you guys didn't notice :)

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