Friday, March 12, 2010


sorry for the lack of updates's been crazy this past week and probably would be crazier on the weeks to come. i haven't had a decent sleep for more than a week and no matter how much lotion i apply, my skin's drying up! i wish i won't break out soon....please.

i've done some shopping last week to de-stress:

would you believe I haven't read any of these magazines? that's how toxic work is...(sigh)

loots from SM Beauty section:

can't get enough of conditioners, huh! and yeah, i'm planning to color my hair again..i am getting tired of my black hair. i miss some highlights, too!

that nail whitener from CUTEX seems promising and i'm in a bad need of that. i've been wearing DARK nail polish for the past weeks.

i'm also going back to my HG eyecream from Olay...and i wasn't able to find my HG wipes from Purederm, so i went back to Elianto's

and an unplanned purchase:

surprisingly, this pair's comfy. i was wearing my Melissa sandals which i got in a wrong size, ended up with blisters so i had to buy this. i saw this pair (in a different color) on my officemate and i initially thought it could hurt my feet...but i was so wrong!

it's another weekend and i'll be stuck in the office, AGAIN!


by the way, it's X's birthday today.

Happy Birthday to my dear husband...
i miss you and i love you so much!


♥ Nehs ♥ said...

aww! i have that same exact sandals, mine was from GIBI though. =) you're right, it's really comfy.

that's alot of stuff, very nice haul!

AskMeWhats said...

Happy birthday to Mr. X!!!! I'm sure he misses you and vice versa!

Sis, you are a good girl, your purchases are really necessities and I hope you won't be too tired! Do relax once in awhile, its bad for your body ha? *hugs*

Tara Cabullo said...

Happy birthday to your husband, Jheng! :) It must suck though that you're not together on the special day. I love all your purchases! :D

Unknown said...

happy burp-day to the hubs! i have the same attitude with magazines haha, it takes me at least 3-5 days before i can read them hehe.

btw, please join sis!

Maui (Suushh) said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. X!! :)

hmm that nail whitener is calling to me, my manicurist just banned from wearing nail polishes for one whole month! gah!!

priyanka said...

Hi i am a new follower though i have been reading ur blog from long.. i have read each and every post on ur super awesome blog..!!
Happy Birthday to ur hubby..!! i would have read each n every word on these mags n more in just 2 days.. i am a magazine

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