Tuesday, April 27, 2010

some things never change...

when I was a lot, LOT younger...I remember being fond of coloring books. I would always ask for a coloring back instead of other toys whenever I'll be asked what I want for a gift or pasalubong. with my coloring books come my huge collection of coloring pens...and I mean, all sort of coloring pens: pastels, colored pentel pens, crayons, etc.

my coloring materials consisted most of my toys back then. and now I realize where my fondness of colors actually come from!

fast forward to this day, I can say that I am still a collector of coloring pens. but this time, my pens are for "bigger" girls like me:

Pearlglide Intense Eyeliners, Pro Long Wear Lipstain Markers and Greasepaint stick from MAC

Pearlglides in Undercurrent and Almost Noir

Full of Flare and Runway Ripened



i still get my hands dirty whenever I "play" with my coloring pens...just like I used to back in the days.

thanks to Sophie for giving me a great deal for these "pens."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Subtle blues...

We all know that not everybody wear blues for makeup. Not because, they don't want to but because they feel like it doesn't suit them. Sometimes, they also find blue to be too empowering to be worn during the day.

I think not!

It just depends on the intensity of the color. Sometimes, all you need is a wash of blue on the lids, a liner and a few coats of mascara to really open up the eyes.

Here's a simple look I came up with using a sheer application of blue eyeshadow that can be worn this summer, even at daytime:

In makeup, one must not be afraid with colors. With continuous practice, you would soon make every color work for you.

Have a happy week ahead!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Neutrogena Healthy Summer Skin Event for bloggers...

it's been a while since I last attended an event. well, blame it on my uber hectic work schedule! but sometimes, one would be willing to put aside everything else for a much needed R&R with good friends and an event that nobody can afford to miss!

it was a beautiful and sunny day when I, together with fellow bloggers were on our way to Anvaya Cove (an exclusive beach resort) in Bataan. I am not really fond of waking up early, but for this one, I happily got up at 530AM to prepare myself for a day that I am sure I would enjoy.

upon arrival at Anvaya Cove

we started the day with a sumptuous serving of lasagna for a late breakfast. I was sleepy but the food definitely jumpstarted my day!

I must admit, seminars or talks bore me...but not if it's about beauty!
Dra. Loverna Suratos MD, Chairman of Public Relations and External Affairs of Philippine Dermatological Society, is the guest speaker for the event. Her talk was about the importance of using the right sun protection products for our skin, which is well, the largest organ in our body. She also emphasized on seeing ONLY PDS-member dermatologists to take care of your skin concerns, most especially if it involves pricking, lasers, or any other skin-invasive procedures.

she definitely has a point...why entrust your skin to someone who just pretends to be a specialist? would you undergo laser or skin peeling to somebody who claims to have the know-how on such things? or you'd go to someone who have undergone extensive study and is certified by a group of experts? i'd go to the latter, anytime!

for questions or additional information regarding the Skin Safety Campaign Symbol, you can contact PDS Secretariat on telephone no. 727-7309 or send queries to pds_org@yahoo.com

we had lunch after and it was such a feast! my plan of dieting just flew out of the window and I just ate and ate to my heart's content. did i feel guilty afterwards? Of course not! :)

Mr. Gabriel Roxas, Neutrogena's brand manager for Beauty Care Franchise J & J, talked about skin care regimen of women in different countries. He said he was definitely shocked to know that Koreans use up to as much as 10 products day and night for their skin regimen while most women will only have the wash-toner-moisturizer regimen. Hmmm, I use up to 8 even 9 products day and night (depending on my skin condition) so am I that close to being a Korean?

the beauties keenly listening to the talks

He also talked about how most women skip using sunblocks which protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. well, I was guilty of this in the previous years. I just hate the sticky feel of sunblocks and the way it messes up with my makeup. but I've learned my lesson, and now, I don't leave the house unprotected!

Dra. Suratos talked about Sun Protection 101 and Gabriel introduced 2 products from Neutrogena that would definitely meet our needs for sun protection.
Ultrasheer Dry-touch sunblock with spf50
Ultra Sheer complete UV waterlight lotion with spf50

(The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ PA+++ and Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF 50+ PA+++ are available in leading department stores and supermarkets nationwide, with a suggested retail price of Php 509.25 and Php 460.00, respectively)

having a high level of SPF is not enough, as it only offers protection for UVB (sun's burning rays). we also need protection from UVA, which causes premature wrinkles and age spots!

we were also taught how much sunblock is needed if we are to be exposed in the sun for a prolonged time:

arms: 1/2 teaspoon each arm
chest: 1 teaspoon
legs: 1 teaspoon each leg
face: 1/2 teaspoon

and i thought I've been applying too much already!

Also, we must re-apply every 4hrs if needed.

Geesh, at least now we know!

See how these ladies look still lively (and lovely) after all those interesting beauty-related talks?

of course, a visit to Anvaya Cove won't be complete without dipping yourselves in the waters!
it's SWIMMING time!

but yeah, i didn't swim. I was just too lazy to go for a dip. so I stayed beside the pool chatting with my beautiful friends!

with my equally-lazy blogger friends

of course, I won't forget to camwhore!

we were on our way home around 7pm. we were all tired but we definitely enjoyed a day outside the metro! It's really summer time and people have been going to vacations in beaches for their much needed R&R.

But as Dra. Suratos said, remember to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP and WRAP to make sure you are sun-protected and skin-cancer free:

SLIP into dry clothes that offer good protection or SLIP into some shade, especially between 10am-4pm when the sun's rays are most fierce.

SLOP on the right sunblock and don't forget to reapply as needed

SLAP on a wide-brimmed hat or a hat with a cap to protect your face from the sun as more people get sunburnt on the face and neck than any other part of the body.

WRAP yourself with a pair of sunglasses with UV-protection.

Enjoy the summer ladies!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Summer is here!

it is indeed summer already, ladies. and yes, it's time for those sexy halter tops and racerbacks.
and for you not to be one of those victims of visible bra straps, make sure you have our favorite bra clips in your wardrobe and beauty kits!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


for almost 2 months, I've been working 7days/wk and to keep me sane, I make sure that I do a bit of de-stressing from time to time:

because i can't get enough of concealers and brightening powders to cover my darn eyebags

these earrings are so cheap! selling for Php50 each, i wasn't able to stop myself from getting a lot. and i want to go back and get more :)

bangle and bracelet, also Php50 each

one for me, and the other one for mom

would you believe I haven't read any of these

some stuff still from Watsons

bought the MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation online and got the rest as freebies...cool!

there was also a time when I nearly cried out of frustration...and to comfort myself, I did a bit of online shopping. i was carting like mad and clicking on that Send Payment button made me feel like I've reached Nirvana...well, it's another story when I get to see my bill for this month! hahahaa

oh well...at least there's something else we can do to make ourselves feel a bit better. right?


What's Up!

yes ladies, I am still alive. I've been MIA for quite sometime...blame it on my endless tasks in the office and some personal matters I am going thru. but I am okay, I have to be okay. =)

anyways, so what have I been up to lately aside from work?

you are seeing that right...I'm back to the gym! I have to and well, at least I have something else to look forward to after office. Wish me luck that I won't lose interest after a few visits (like what i did in the past). I have to lose weight anyway because I got SO BIG!

and to remind you what I look like (in case you've forgotten hahaa):

yep...still wearing a lot of neutrals! i miss my "colorful" days so baaad!

it's midweek and I already feel so exhausted. i haven't been to the gym for the past days (uh-oh...) because of work and now my body's aching for that 15-minute sauna session i'd always have after every workout. i know we are supposed to feel tired after workout but I just feel so energized and great after. i'll make up for the lost days next week...(fingers crossed)

by the way, I am so looking forward to spending a day with my girls this week. we're going out of town for an event and we are all so excited!

(to give you a hint where we are going)

i missed you all...i missed blogging and answering inquiries and requests. i wish i'll be back to my regular posting soon.

Friday, April 2, 2010

my baby's 1st birthday!

nope, this isn't one of his "monthly" birthdays...MAC celebrated his 1st "real" birthday last March 15!

mom got those balloons for our baby

time to blow MAC's candle!

actually, we celebrated it a day earlier since i have work on his birthday (Monday). we were supposed to go swimming but i wasn't feeling very well (too much work, i guess). we had dinner at home instead and i think MAC enjoyed his little party :)

he's so big now. i still remember the day when i got him. he was so small, but just take a look at him now! my baby's not a baby anymore! LOL but he is and will always be our family's baby.

and yeah, he's still weird...he won't bark unless he hears other dogs barking.

LOVE has come...

no it isn't Valentines day again...but LOVE indeed, has come.

AHAVA, which means LOVE in Hebrew, has finally arrived in the Philippines. It came right from the lowest point of the earth (Dead Sea) to pamper us with skin care products made of minerals. They have been in international stores for quite a long time now and we are so lucky to have them here.

AHAVA's first store in the Philippines is located at 2nd floor Atrium, SM Megamall
(thanks shen, for the pic!)

the gorgeous manager of AHAVA Asia explained how the company harvests these minerals and infuse them into their products without damaging Mother Earth

Grace Lee as the event's host
i've been wanting to see her for quite a long time now, and i must say, she's so gorgeous in person! i'm an avid listener of their radio show every morning and i love her to bits.

AHAVA's wide range of skin care for everybody's needs:

Phoebe and Shen
(would you believe it's almost a year since I last saw Phoebe?)

yeah, that's Kristin Davis!
now we know why her skin's to die for

yay, my own AHAVA stuff to try!

i am lemming on their eyecream and toners! prices are a bit steep but if it would work wonders on the skin, why not?

drop by at their store at 2nd floor Atrium in Megamall so you can try out their great products...i must warn you though, they can be addicting!


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