Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Product Review: The Face Shop Extreme Brush Pen Eyeliner

Extreme Brush Pen Eyeliner
(01 Black Force)
  • Easy to control fine point brush lets you draw an even, flawlessly clean line without tugging, skipping or scratching. Delivers the most intense color to define your eyes
  • No more tears formula with glucose mimics natural tears to minimize irritation
  • Smudge-free formula does not leave pigment residue after cleansing. Washes easily with tepid water
what i love:
super (duper) easy to use...the easiest liner pen I've used so far!
liquid doesn't dry up easily in the pen. i've had other pen liners that dried up in a matter of weeks. this one doesn't! i've been using mine for almost a month and it still feels brand new.
no tugging
washes off easily
what i love the most is how i can use its tip to correct any mistakes when i am using my other liners...or when i'm using a pencil liner and some of it sticks to my curler, i then use this to cover up those areas where my liner got removed

what i hate:
not waterproof. well, it doesn't say it is...but since I work out in the gym, i need something that would really last.
color is not that intense, unlike other liners i've tried. if you want a bolder color, just layer until you reach your desired intensity
smudges a bit, but doesn't give you raccoon eyes

EOTD using TFS Pen Liner

see how precise the line is? it's not (just) because I've been applying a liner for years now but this pen liner makes it really easy. promise!

this actually reminds me of MAC's Penultimate, but cheaper! But I still have to check on the price since I got this as a present.

will i buy?
definitely yes!


黒澤 ヌードル said...

maybelline and in2it has waterproof version of that pen type liner; and very pigmented too. :))

dramaramas said...

how much does it cost?

Anonymous said...

i've tried the maybelline felt liner and it wasn't very wearable for me... smudges when my eyes water a little, and takes numerous times to give a darker black colour
this one looks nice and black tho...
nice review x

jenobebs said...

i hope they have it in waterproof.

Miss Shopcoholic said...

wanna try this one! im looking for a good felt tip liner. Tried ELF but didnt like it coz it dries up easily =P

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

We are selling the full range of face shop products here, including those that are only available in Korea. Same quality, lower price. 100% authentic. We provide oversea shipping if necessary as well.

Do visit us for more product info, thanks!

Melody said...

how much did you buy it for???
I also using this now!!! ^^

I got it for just SGD15.10.. and i got the url from the comment above!!!

Yes, i bought from that website stated above.. =) But the more accurate link is:


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