Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nails: Orly in Cotton Candy

here's another nail polish swatch from Orly's Sweet Collection:

Cotton Candy

shade name, as well as the color is good enough to eat...yumm! =)

i still prefer darker shades though. i find that light shades makes my hands a bit darker...don't you think so too?

and yeah, this nail polish swatch was made possible by our very own, Sol of DigitalTraincase.
thanks for (always) letting me try your polishes...i wonder when the next batch will be.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Food: Must be Mom's

I can say that I am not a "bread" person. I love rice, pasta (yeah baby, keep those carbo coming LOL!) but not bread. but there are exceptions:

I've been seeing this "ensaimadas" at a mall near my office and it never fails to make me salivate. whenever I pass by their stall, it seems like these yummy breads are calling my name. and just who am I to say NO.

see those cheese?

and just like the saying "Man does not live on bread alone," this store makes sure that we are also well-fed spiritually:

now, how's that for making us feel good inside and out?

My Laser Hair Removal experience...

tell me, who wouldn't want to say "buh-bye" to these things and still be hairless?

i've been attempting to do so since last year when i tried to undergo laser hair removal with another skin clinic. i had 3 sessions and that's it. i stopped when it also stopped giving me results. and since then, i told mysellf I might be better off with the old shaving and plucking.

until I read a friend's review on Flawless' Laser Hair Removal...and yes, like most of you out there, yours truly also sometimes get influenced with reviews from trusty bloggers :)

so I went to a Flawless branch nearest me, all ready to take my chance again to be finally free of my underarm hair.

inside Flawless Megamall

the pink accent makes me feel all girly and pamper-worthy. but men don't need to get intimidated as the clinic also caters to their needs.

the laser treatment room

the machine
(i was actually expecting it to be in pink LOL)

my underarms were cleaned first, then shaved (if you have some hairs already growing since your last shave/pluck). it was embarrassing, and the assistant might have felt my apprehension but she assured me that it's okay and that I don't need to feel that way. it was like my mom telling me that everything will turn out fine because i felt at ease right after.

a cold gel will then be applied on both underarms. the cool sensation was so good that i had goosebumps!

these shades and goggles are needed to be worn to protect our eyes from the laser. the doctor, the assistant and me wore these before the zappin' of those nasty hair.

if you remember, I had my first laser hair removal treatment a month ago..the same day when I had my RF treatment. so how was it?


i was practically telling myself not to go through the treatment...ever again. as opposed to Shen's post that the pain's comparable to Tinkerbell's little punches, mine was 2x or more than that. the doctor assured me that it was because i have thick hair follicles, but the smell of burning hair is a sign that they were being zapped right from the roots...and that's a good thing. i kept my mouth shut and just prayed that the treatment would soon be over. the doctor kept on asking if I'm okay and I just nodded each time...i just want to get it done and over with.

after that, the assistant applied cream on my underarms as the doctor gave me some instructions on how to take care of my newly-treated underarms. she told me to keep them dry for the next 24hrs, not to put any deodorant or cream for the next two days and to leave any scabbing that might appear. she said the scabbing and some blistering is normal.

i went home and checked on my underarms..there are a few burnt hair and some blisters. it wasn't a good sight at all. 2 days passed and the pain was all gone but I didn't see my underarms improving. at that point, there were scabs and was kind of itchy but i kept myself from messing up with it all the more. when i got to talk to Shen, I even joked her that I hate her for putting me into such predicament. I told her that i don't think the laser hair removal is worth it. It was painful and I was not seeing any improvement at all. but of course, i wasn't blaming her. things that work for her might not always for me or for other people. but she told me to be patient and to give it a few days more.

i shrugged and the stubborn me just said, "I am not getting another laser treatment ever again..."

fast forward to Wednesday last week (less than a month since I last had my treatment), I went back to Flawless to have my advanced acne facial and my second session for laser hair removal.


have I not learned my lesson that I am again going through the same experience over again? hmm, let me just say that I've eaten my words when I said I won't be coming back. i was all wrong. after 2wks after i had the treatment, i began to see changes. the scabbing were all gone. a few hairs have grown but to my surprise, they are a lot thinner than my usual underarm hair. the roughness from all the blisters and scabbing are also gone and my skin's a lot softer. i swear! i even showed it to my sister and she was all WOW. she knew what i went through since i showed her my underarms days after my first treatment so she definitely knows that my underarms got a lot better.

i shaved a week after my treatment and that was it. three weeks had passed and i didn't see a lot of hair growing...maybe less than 10 on each? yes, less than ten thin hairs on each underarm. =)

so I went back after less than a month and was happy to tell the doctor and the rest of the people in the same Flawless branch about my experience. I admitted that I was so wrong to think that laser hair removal, particularly theirs, isn't for me. they were all glad to know that I am continuing with my sessions and yes, i am getting their Lifetime Laser Hair Removal package soon.

so how was my second session? a lot, LOT better. almost no pain (just a bit though), since the doctor said the laser might have zapped most of the hair follicles during the first treatment. compared to my previous session, I was talking to the doctor and to the assistant the whole time.

i was told that I wasn't the first one to think of not going back...and like me, they went back and now they are enjoying being hair-free. now, that's something I am looking forward to.

for those people out there who might have the same first experience as mine, just give it more days or even a week. and I am 100% sure you'd be looking forward to the day that you'd be coming back for another session.

as for the initial pain? hmm, it is painful (but remember it differ from one person to another) but it is something that won't and can't get us killed.

and lastly,

to read more about their Laser Hair Removal treatment, click here.

Also, Flawless launched the Luxury at your Fingertips promo wherein all their 36 branches would be giving away 1 designer bag every month until November. Then on December, a one-carat diamond necklace would be given away as the grand prize. It's easy to join: for every Php1200 you spend, you get one raffle ticket. I was excited when I was writing my details on my raffle tickets during my last visit. Who wouldn't want a designer bag? My mom would surely love it since I'll give it to her IF EVER i win :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

going organic...

I've always been interested with organic stuff...i've had organic dishes before (thanks to my ever-health conscious Mom) but never got to try organic stuff for the body. all i know is that they are much, much better since they are free from chemicals and that to go organic is to love ourselves, and our Mother Nature.

as I've said, I am interested but didn't know where to start.

good thing, a dear friend came to my rescue:

these goodies are my birthday present from her...actually, i initially planned on paying them but she threatened me big time that I won't bother sending her even a single centavo as payment. LOL!

toner, shampoo/body wash, conditioner, hair mask, lip balm, chocolate-scented soaps

now I feel like I'm giving myself (and the environment) a big favor every time I use them.

want to feel the same way?
then what are you waiting for? click here and make yourself (and Mother Earth) happier and healthier!

Product Review: Revlon Photoready Liquid Foundation

Revlon Photoready Makeup for poreless, airbrushed skin in any light. Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase any flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage.
Soft, luminous finish.
Oil free.
Fragrance free.

(from Revlon)

oh yes, it's another HD foundation but this time...from a well-known drugstore brand, REVLON.

I've been using HD foundations eversince they came out in the market two years ago. My first hd foundation was that of Smashbox, and then I got MUFE next. From then on, everybody just seem to get addicted to achieving that flawless, airbrushed skin in front or behind cameras...of course, including me.

when this one from Revlon came out, it promises to be an alternative to those high end brands...this means achieving the same effect, if not better, at a cheaper price.

  • consistency is like that of MUFE's and just like MUFE, it is easy to spread and blend
  • light on the skin, not cakey
  • offers medium to heavy coverage
  • the pump dispenser! much, much hygienic as compared to some of their foundations
  • a little goes a long way
  • gives that poreless, airbrushed look! and i mean...really poreless!
  • covers those nasty red marks
  • gives you a bit of shimmery look, more like glowing
  • no breakouts or any allergic reactions
  • did not oxidize on me
  • it has SPF but does not give off a white cast
  • no smell
  • cheaper than other well known brands that offer HD makeup line. it costs Php925 a bottle
the dispenser

Photoready makeup in Nude

before and after
(used concealer on the undereye area and sides of the nose and set with Photoready Powder in Fair/Light)

  • didn't last that long on my skin. take note that I have super duper oily skin. so i guess this would work best on dry to normal skins.
  • if you have oily skin, the "shimmer" can emphasize the oiliness


  • i've found out that (for my skin) it is best to apply it with fingers then use a stippling brush after. of course, using your fingers on your clients is a no-no. i've tried applying it with a brush and it works just as fine. (but i still prefer using my fingers...LOL!)
  • to make it longer lasting, i tried mixing it with their Colorstay liquid foundation and voila! not only did it minimized those shimmers, it also helped in making my makeup last the whole day.
  • for those with drier skins, make sure to moisturize well
  • for those with oily skins, use a good primer before applying this
  • start with a thin layer and build the coverage if needed...in makeup, less is more :)
i really like this foundation, but if it would improve in the staying power department...i will LOVE it to bits!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Nails: Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry in Jumpin' Jade

i love greens...actually, i love anything dark for my eyes and yes, even on my nails. aside from that, I would need something that dries up easily...of course, there are fast-drying top coats available out there but to hit two birds with one stone would be a lot better.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color
(Jumpin' Jade)

priced at Php365.00 per bottle, this one's for those who are in a hurry after applying their polish ...it dries up in a second or two after you apply it! it's also eliminates the need for a shiny top coat and the intensity of the color is impressive.

in short, I am loving it! gotta have those other colors in their line soon :)

don't worry, I'm not a nail polish addict...yet.

Call me?

thanks to Sophie for my new calling card...i LOVE it to bits! it looks so posh, don't you think?

i know i need to update my blog URL here, I will soon :)

for your printing needs, feel free to contact here. reasonable prices and prompt service, guaranteed!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

ready for a fun, fun night?

tired of the usual "Sisig" and "Crispy Pata" that serves as your "pulutan" with your drinks?
wanna have fun with your BFFs somewhere South of the metro?
or wanna meet the lady behind Neurochiq and probably other bloggers?

then let's go...

i love Kebabs...how about you?


loving Pink...

most of my lunch breaks are spent inside the mall near my work...i know it's not a good idea since i can hardly stay away from buying some stuff...but hey, if that could help me not to lose my sanity from too much stress at work, it's okay :)

(until my wallet starts crying..lol!)

I've been passing by Etude House a lot of times already and the store never fails to amuse me with their cute pink ambience. I remember buying their concealer months ago and since then, I never got to pay them a visit again. Last week, I passed by their store and finally gave in:

O2 White Sunpowder SPF50, gold nailpolish and makeup bag

The sunpowder got me curious..imagine it has SPF50? I am so lazy to tote an umbrella when I go out that I just depend on my sunblock that I apply before I put on makeup in the morning..but we all know it's not enough. I need something that would keep me protected without messing up my makeup. So when I saw this, I know I just gotta have it.
(review soon!)

I also got myself a new makeup kit:

it's so roomy that I can put in a lot of my essentials without cluttering

it's not that big as compared to my Shu vanity kit, but this baby can sure hold more of my stuff...and i mean twice more than what my Shu kit can!

it's also cheap at less than Php300...great buy, don't you think.

he's really cute...what's his name again? i know I am too old for him, so I'll give this one to my sister hahaha!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are you a nail polish addict?

if you are, then here's some good news...now you don't need to go online to buy your favorite brand of nail polish, because they are now available here!

stocks are limited of course, but I am sure there are more to come (right, Sol!? LOL). so hurry up and place your orders now.

click here for more information.

on a diet...

after seeing myself in the mirror days ago, I realized that I am really getting bigger. believe me, I am 5kgs overweight...sniff! blame that on late snacking and frequent visits to Starbucks for that oh-so-yummy strawberry frap and iced Cafe Mocha!

i told myself, i need to go on a diet..ASAP! no more rice...no more sodas and no more late-night snacking on a bag of M&Ms.

i got luckier one night not be told to go on overtime so I figured to have a walk in the nearest mall to "exercise." of course, I got hungry and decided to take out some dinner. and since, I am so into chicken right now, here's what i got from my fave Pollo Loco:

half chicken, spicy salsa and 4 pcs of tortilla

I was so full that my tummy ached and made me sleep right away....and yeah, I FAILED on my dieting plans once again.

Friday, June 18, 2010

bright colors to brighten up your day...

how'd you feel if you are told to work on a weekend? geesh, can you imagine working 2 days more after a grueling five working days? just when you thought you'd be bumming at home or probably be somewhere to relax and de-stress...boss would say "come to work!"


in as much as i wanted to start a revolution and go nuts against my boss...i might as well take advantage of the weekend work by extending my Happy Friday look. at least there would be less people staring at you wondering why on earth you're wearing party makeup at daytime, tee-hee.

PAC browkit + MUFE brow corrector in 01
MAC e/s in Golden Rod, Sketch and Carbon
Maybelline Ultimate Express liner
Maybelline Magnum mascara
UD 24/7 liner in Zero

Laura Mercier primer
Cinemasecrets concealer
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Sand
Shu Uemura matte loose powder
MAC blush in Dainty

Revlon lipstick in Baby Pink
Kirkland lipgloss

match it with a colorful get up and off you go to work. so yeah, instead of ranting...try looking at the brighter side of things....of course, with your equally bright eye makeup!

by the way, this is my look when me and my good friend watched SATC after work. have you seen it? I definitely loved it...most especially their outfits, i was drooling the entire movie.

til next time :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

de-stressing again....

i am seriously in a bad need of recovering from stress in other ways...or else, I'd go broke!

Cleansing Oil, Lip and Eye makeup remover and 210 brush (loooovee!)

from the latest collection of MAC + Bobbi Brown Skin foundation


(influenced by Sol)

Sweet and Punchy
(reminds me of Bitter)

MAC 130

dang, i had no idea this is this small!

my current HG foundation...please watch out for a review!

my first Chanel nail polish...a whopping Php1350!
i'm kidding..this isn't mine. it belongs to our very own polish addict, Sol.

3 pairs of shoes...i bought 2 pairs just last week..

help me...please help me find other ways to de-stress.
Hmmm, or maybe I should resign from work?


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