Thursday, June 17, 2010

de-stressing again....

i am seriously in a bad need of recovering from stress in other ways...or else, I'd go broke!

Cleansing Oil, Lip and Eye makeup remover and 210 brush (loooovee!)

from the latest collection of MAC + Bobbi Brown Skin foundation


(influenced by Sol)

Sweet and Punchy
(reminds me of Bitter)

MAC 130

dang, i had no idea this is this small!

my current HG foundation...please watch out for a review!

my first Chanel nail polish...a whopping Php1350!
i'm kidding..this isn't mine. it belongs to our very own polish addict, Sol.

3 pairs of shoes...i bought 2 pairs just last week..

help me...please help me find other ways to de-stress.
Hmmm, or maybe I should resign from work?



AskMeWhats said...

with all the hours you spend OT? You're worth it sis! :D

bee. said...

wow! i wish i could spend as much as you! cool haul! :D

lelila said...

at talagang extra ako ha haha.

cute ng shoes, inggit ako. hirap pag barko ang paa!

Caby said...

Magpa facial and Nail care salon ka nalang to de stress! Haha

Pls make a review on the MAC brush, I wanted one but I missed the collection, would you know if its comparable to the Suesh flat top brush?

Phoebe Ann said...

That's one of my fave foundations too! Parang second skin talaga :D

Rhania E. said...

hmmm.. whole body massage dear.. to make you feel better (^_^) pamper your self..

so how much is the damage? *smiley*

Crystal said...

wow inggit ako! so much stuff!

Unknown said...

hello! I got the same brush 3 weeks ago from Mac Myers here. How much is it there?

Jess said...

Awesome haul! The Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation is my hg liquid foundation too, although I'm a 'powder foundation person' actually... :)

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