Sunday, June 6, 2010

FLAWLESS' Nano RadioFrequency experience...

Patience is a Virtue.

That's so true, isn't it? But sometimes, we don't have the luxury of time and we would want to accomplish things at the soonest possible time. Take losing weight for example. We all know that a good (and proper) way to do that is to have a balanced diet and exercising. But since many of us just don't have enough time to do so, they end up getting themselves into taking diet pills and crash dieting. Some would call it "getting a headstart" on keeping themselves fit. Me included, I would want to see immediate results first and start from there. And yes, i got addicted to diet pills and once I'd reach my target weight, I'd stop taking the pill and just maintain it by watching my diet and probably (if I have time) do a couple of workouts to prevent my body from sagging.

When liposuction came into the picture, a lot of people underwent the procedure and saw immediate results. But in as much as I wanted to suck these fats out of my body, but I am so darn afraid of the idea of having tubes and other stainless stuff going in and out of me. but things are getting a lot more, we can get rid of those nasty body fats and keep ourselves taut and firm without going under the knife.

when I got an invite to try out Flawless' Nano RadioFrequency, something I've been interested since the first time I heard about it from my derma friend, I didn't think twice and just said Yes.

so what is Nano RadioFrequency? It's a non-invasive treatment which uses heat on the dermal layer to contour and tighten any problem areas through the stimulation of collagen. it is best to be performed on areas where you've lost some fats to prevent it from sagging. have you ever lost weight and noticed sagging on your arms, belly, hips and thighs? frustrating, isn't it....that after taking so much time to lose weight, you'd have to spend more time to work out those parts to make them firm. Nano RF is quick, easy and takes less than an hour to perform. Unlike the invasive lipo, it doesn't have any downtime and you'd be back to your normal activities right after the procedure. It can be performed on any body parts that you like to be firm. And for my free trial, I decided to try it on my face. I just turned 31, and I feel like my face isn't as taut and firm as before....darn gravity, LOL!

don't you love the pink accents of Flawless?

private treatment room

for this treatment, you'd be asked to sign a waiver. others would feel a bit apprehensive when asked to sign a waiver that the facility won't be accountable if anything goes wrong. hmmm, i remember that a good friend told me that you can actually say NO. I am just not sure if they would push thru with the procedure :)

i must admit, i was scared at first. as mentioned earlier, i came across this procedure from my derma friend months ago. mom tried this and quite didn't like it just because she hates the heat on her face. she had this weird assumption that she'll go dark eventually and that she'd be more prone to sun spots. hahahaha, oh well...can't argue with her unless i get to try it myself.

the lady who performed the procedure helped me to relax, even assured me that i won't get burned despite the minimal heat that i would feel during the treatment. she did it on one half of my face first...and boy, i did see the difference! the treated part of my face looked more supple, healthier and it did feel a lot firmer. she was very careful not to touch my eye area and been asking me the whole time if i am feeling any discomfort or if i find it too hot. she told me that most patients would start complaining whenever the tool touches the sides of their nose where skin is a lot more delicate.

it was very relaxing...and i did feel my skin being stretched, in a good way of course. but then again, to achieve a major change, you'd have to undergo this procedure for a number of times. Nano RF for the face costs Php3000 while for the other parts, it ranges from Php3500 to Php5000. Quite steep, but luckily, Flawless offers affordable packages for a sexier you minus the pain in your wallet.

paired with their Mesolipo, which uses microinjections to dissolve fat, you are assured to have that sexy body in no time.

my face after a session of Nano RF. i didn't put anything on my face after the treatment, but my face looks so healthy and firm here.
(they didn't remove my eye makeup though haaha)

i also availed of their underarm laser because Shen's post about it is too good =)

but wait, there's more
(LOL! now i sound like an infomercial):

for every Php3000 you pay for any treatment, you get this uber cute pink vanity bag!

now i wish i can afford the succeeding RF sessions. it's so good and well, tell me...who wouldn't want to look younger these days?


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