Sunday, June 27, 2010

going organic...

I've always been interested with organic stuff...i've had organic dishes before (thanks to my ever-health conscious Mom) but never got to try organic stuff for the body. all i know is that they are much, much better since they are free from chemicals and that to go organic is to love ourselves, and our Mother Nature.

as I've said, I am interested but didn't know where to start.

good thing, a dear friend came to my rescue:

these goodies are my birthday present from her...actually, i initially planned on paying them but she threatened me big time that I won't bother sending her even a single centavo as payment. LOL!

toner, shampoo/body wash, conditioner, hair mask, lip balm, chocolate-scented soaps

now I feel like I'm giving myself (and the environment) a big favor every time I use them.

want to feel the same way?
then what are you waiting for? click here and make yourself (and Mother Earth) happier and healthier!


zashiq5 said...

wow cool new layout!!!I'm loving Human♥Nature too!

Beverly/bibay said...

nice loot! i've always wanted to try organic products but never had the opportunity to do so. i hope i will soon. please post reviews of them :)

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