Thursday, June 24, 2010

loving Pink...

most of my lunch breaks are spent inside the mall near my work...i know it's not a good idea since i can hardly stay away from buying some stuff...but hey, if that could help me not to lose my sanity from too much stress at work, it's okay :)

(until my wallet starts!)

I've been passing by Etude House a lot of times already and the store never fails to amuse me with their cute pink ambience. I remember buying their concealer months ago and since then, I never got to pay them a visit again. Last week, I passed by their store and finally gave in:

O2 White Sunpowder SPF50, gold nailpolish and makeup bag

The sunpowder got me curious..imagine it has SPF50? I am so lazy to tote an umbrella when I go out that I just depend on my sunblock that I apply before I put on makeup in the morning..but we all know it's not enough. I need something that would keep me protected without messing up my makeup. So when I saw this, I know I just gotta have it.
(review soon!)

I also got myself a new makeup kit:

it's so roomy that I can put in a lot of my essentials without cluttering

it's not that big as compared to my Shu vanity kit, but this baby can sure hold more of my stuff...and i mean twice more than what my Shu kit can!

it's also cheap at less than Php300...great buy, don't you think.

he's really cute...what's his name again? i know I am too old for him, so I'll give this one to my sister hahaha!


NeuroChiq said...

Hi Jheng! =) Nacurious din ako sa powder, ang taas ng SPF! =) We missed you last night at the Heaven event. Sayang was looking forward to see you pa naman! =)

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

I forgot the name of that Korean actor but he's really cute! =) can't wait na mag-open na ang Etude dito sa cebu.. i want that pink makeup pouch LOL!

Beverly/bibay said...

the pouch is so cute! btw his name is Lee Min Ho :)

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Jheng! Nice haul..I want to try that powder! wow! SPF 50 that I can reapply during the much yan? :)

The actor's name is Lee Min Ho. Super crush ng kapatid ko yan...We have the 2 folders from Etude House haha ^_^

Lady E said...

hi Jheng! Can the kit fit standard sized makeup brushes? parang i want to go to etude house tuloy, like now na!

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