Thursday, June 17, 2010

Product Review: Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer

you might have noticed that if there's one thing that I can't live without, it would be my brow makeup! I so envy those who have been blessed with awesome brows...mine's all over the place and worst, sparse! I've tried a lot of brow makeup: from powders to pencils and even gels...and i ain't stopping!

and having said that, here's another:

Unique dual ended wand with tinted wax and highlighter
Tinted wax to color and set brows for soft definition
Highlighter to brighten brow area for a lifted appearance
Wears up to 16hrs

Step 1: Fill in brows with the tinted wax, following the natural brow shape to define and set
Step 2: Accent brow arch by sweeping the highlighter below the brow bone

Available shades:
Blackened Brown/Taupe
Medium Brown/Soft Pink
Light Brown/Champagne


drawn the wax on my brows

i used brush to re-shape then applied the highlighter below the brow bone..and blend it in

Easy to use
No smudging and stays put
Not sticky unlike other brow wax I've used in the past
Very portable and won't take too much space in your kit
Pigmented, a short stroke comes a long i'm sure this would last for months!
Has a number of shades available, I am sure everyone would be able to find a shade that would match
No allergic reactions, I remember using some brow wax in the past and I ended up with rashes the next day!

One still needs a brush to reshape the brows. I've seen some packaging that includes a brow brush (mascara wand brush) but it's not available here.
I hope the wax is in a more pointed would be a lot easier IMHO.
Priced at Php695, it's a bit expensive. But with this wand, it's like having two items so I think it's still a winner

Will I repurchase?
I think not. I still have a lot of brow makeup to finish..but I hope they would come up with a separate highlighter which I am so loving right now!

In using the tinted wax, be sure to apply just a little at first. It is so pigmented and I am sure you don't want to end up with "too-much" brows. When i first used this, I drew too much and ended up with scary brows (well since I am using blackened brown which is a bit dark).

As for the highlighter, be sure to blend it well. you don't want to let other people notice that you are really trying to highlight, do you?


Maui (Suushh) said...

ooh looks interesting. I cant live without my brow makeup too. I really look different without my brows drawn on haha

gRamiraf said...

Is there such a thing as brow pencil that lasts 24 hours? What I have just melts in a few hours. (sigh)

iamsutil said...

same here maui! you can take away all my makeup stuff, just leave my brow makeup!

gRamiraf, try brushing an eyebrow gel on top, it really helps. or this one would do :)

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