Sunday, June 27, 2010

Product Review: Revlon Photoready Liquid Foundation

Revlon Photoready Makeup for poreless, airbrushed skin in any light. Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase any flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage.
Soft, luminous finish.
Oil free.
Fragrance free.

(from Revlon)

oh yes, it's another HD foundation but this time...from a well-known drugstore brand, REVLON.

I've been using HD foundations eversince they came out in the market two years ago. My first hd foundation was that of Smashbox, and then I got MUFE next. From then on, everybody just seem to get addicted to achieving that flawless, airbrushed skin in front or behind cameras...of course, including me.

when this one from Revlon came out, it promises to be an alternative to those high end brands...this means achieving the same effect, if not better, at a cheaper price.

  • consistency is like that of MUFE's and just like MUFE, it is easy to spread and blend
  • light on the skin, not cakey
  • offers medium to heavy coverage
  • the pump dispenser! much, much hygienic as compared to some of their foundations
  • a little goes a long way
  • gives that poreless, airbrushed look! and i mean...really poreless!
  • covers those nasty red marks
  • gives you a bit of shimmery look, more like glowing
  • no breakouts or any allergic reactions
  • did not oxidize on me
  • it has SPF but does not give off a white cast
  • no smell
  • cheaper than other well known brands that offer HD makeup line. it costs Php925 a bottle
the dispenser

Photoready makeup in Nude

before and after
(used concealer on the undereye area and sides of the nose and set with Photoready Powder in Fair/Light)

  • didn't last that long on my skin. take note that I have super duper oily skin. so i guess this would work best on dry to normal skins.
  • if you have oily skin, the "shimmer" can emphasize the oiliness


  • i've found out that (for my skin) it is best to apply it with fingers then use a stippling brush after. of course, using your fingers on your clients is a no-no. i've tried applying it with a brush and it works just as fine. (but i still prefer using my fingers...LOL!)
  • to make it longer lasting, i tried mixing it with their Colorstay liquid foundation and voila! not only did it minimized those shimmers, it also helped in making my makeup last the whole day.
  • for those with drier skins, make sure to moisturize well
  • for those with oily skins, use a good primer before applying this
  • start with a thin layer and build the coverage if makeup, less is more :)
i really like this foundation, but if it would improve in the staying power department...i will LOVE it to bits!



Bea said...

hi sis jheng! you are so gorgeous! Thanks for this review/ tips. :)


Great review on photoready! :) Since I'm also on the extra oily side, I might pass it up :( I am already mixing Revlon Colorstay with MAC Studio Fix Liquid (since the latter alone makes me oily already!!! I need a bit of colorstay to make my makeup stay put).

Thank you!!! :D


Oops, this is Trace. Sorry, the blog is a joint venture. Kinda weird saying I when there's the two of us (my sister Dawn). Good morning!

Larie said...

Hi! I think the lip stick or gloss you used was gorgeous. What brand and shade is it? thanks!

Yen said...

Wow! The result of Revlon on you is so fantastic! :) Thanks for this review. Very helpful. Now I can't wait to try it! :)))

Crystal said...

ang galing! kita ko talaga yung difference!

Molly Dyson said...

which of the colorstay and photoready would youu recommend for everyday? including a school day:P
^^^ check out my blog:)

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