Tuesday, July 27, 2010

another F21 loot...

it's been almost a month since Forever21 opened its first store in the Philippines, but I still remember how crazy it was during their private party and on their first few days after they opened their store to the public. I was one of those who went gaga during the private party. to be in their store for the first time made me feel like I am in heaven...where everything I see is beautiful.

I was able to get a few things, but I promised myself that I'll be going back soon. I did come back. But really, I get still overwhelmed with the huge store overflowing with so many pretty things. I still get confused where to go and what to check out first.

Then I realized, I never got the chance to check out what they have in their accessories section. I was able to get a necklace during my first visit, but I got that at the cashier. I didn't really plan to go check their accessories because I thought, they may not be any different from what we already see from other stores.

well, I was wrong!

and here's some proof:

got these first two for a little over than Php500. Not bad since the second one comes in 3.
yep, 3 pairs!

love the details of these next two:

got them for less than Php250 each

we were already at the cashier when I saw this ring:

and of course, I got it too! I love big rings...they make my little hands look not so, hmmm..small? LOL!

I must say I love their accessories, most especially their earrings! I wanted to get more but mom was at the cashier already and waiting for me to pay the bill ^_^ apparently, she and my sister went crazy too!

Now I can't wait to go back since I've noticed that they have a lot of new items. So if you're in Megamall, check out Forever21. There might be an item or two...or more that might make your heart skip a beat.



AnNeTtEe said...

I looooove f21's accessories!! the cheap price is a big plus too!! how are they pricing them in the P.I.?? is it mura???

AskMeWhats said...

buti ka pa nakabalik, I haven't gone back since the last shopping :)

MAGGIE said...

Di pa ako nakakabisita sa F21. Medyo affordable din ba mga items don? like shoes and clothes? gusto ko kasi malaman kung within my budget. Haha!

Sophia said...

Those earrings are so cute! Love Forever21! What do you think about earrings in terms of Summer Fashion Trends?

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