Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BB Series: Skin79 Super BB Cream Gold

as promised, here's my first attempt in trying out BB creams. as we all know, BB creams became famous (and it still is) because of its healing properties and the natural, dewy look it gives. a lot of beauty enthusiasts ditched their traditional liquid foundations and switched to BB creams with the hopes of getting the porcelain-white and healthy glowing skins of Korean women.

well, with the promise of more beautiful and blemish free, healthy skin, who wouldn't get enticed? i myself got interested and got 16 samples off Ebay..LOL!

anyway, the first BB cream to try out is:

Super BB Cream (Gold) from Skin79

left: bare face
right: applied first layer of BB cream

left: applied 2nd layer of BB cream and topped with Shu finishing powder
right: applied eye makeup and blush

applied lipstick and reapplied finishing powder

at this point, i was already beginning to oil up. i've been blotting my face for a few times already even before I reached the office. my face looked a shade lighter, probably I should've not applied too much. maybe a layer is already enough?

what i love about this bb cream is that it was able to cover up my red marks, take note that I didn't apply any concealer. I just built the coverage by patting the cream on blemished areas like my cheeks and on my undereyes.

and after day's work:

i've been blotting almost every hour and reapplied my finishing powder a number of times already. the red marks are again visible. i'm thinking if I should've applied primer first? I was just wondering if my skin would still be able to absorb the bb cream's healing properties if I am going to shield my face with a primer. so after my toner, moisturizer and sunblock, I went ahead with the bb cream.

i'm not really sure if I like this bb cream or not, maybe I would need to try it again but this time with a primer underneath. i've read a lot of raves on this particular variant and I was really hoping that I'd be able to make this work for me too.


oh well! it's too early to give up on BB creams, I still have 15 more samples to try out!


Fashion girl said...

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AskMeWhats said...

ganda ng finish sis! :) Love it!!! I haven't been trying on a lot :) pero this one sounds nice!

Bernadette Villanueva said...

I'm using Etude House BB Cream, and it really delivers a dewy look, though like you, i also use more oil blotters than usual. But I'm not giving up either. Ganda ng finish, Jheng. =)

Tara Cabullo said...

Agree ako, GANDA!!!! I have never tried a BB cream in my life, makes me a bad beauty blogger LOL. I hope masolution-an ang red marks. Sayang naman, it really delivers!

Unknown said...

a bit off topic sis...but i adore your eyebrows :)...hope you find the perfect bb cream for you

Unknown said...

a bit off topic sis...but i adore your eyebrows :)...hope you find the perfect bb cream for you

Unknown said...

Very interesting.

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