Monday, July 5, 2010

INOA Revolution

Loreal Professionnel presents to you...

(Innovation, No Ammonia)

INOA is the new professional permanent hair color to darken, lighten or cover white hair. It is a true technological revolution that transforms the coloring experience with NO ODOR, NO AMMONIA.

At the heart of INOA is the ODS: Oil Delivery System. Unlike classic oxidative hair color, this is a breakthrough technology based on an oil-rich system that boosts the action of the hair color system.

i've smelled it, and yes...true to its word, it has NO SMELL!

With the ODS and a no Ammonia formula, INOA's benefits are unparalleled:

Indulge in an unprecedented hair color experience for the senses:
- No more odor, No ammonia
- Optimal scalp comfort
- Rapid self-emulsifying mixing
- Incredible velvety texture: A REAL HAIR CREAM

- A better-preserved hair fiber, application after application
- Hair is as smooth as before the hair color for a soft touch

- 44 predictable shades: true neutralizing cool shades, vibrant and luminous warm shades
- Lightens up to 3 levels

the pictures didn't do justice...color is A LOT MORE beautiful in person. Shen and I love the chocolatey-brown shade, too bad I just had my hair colored a few weeks a new haircolor would have to wait.

I just hope I can stand the waiting...LOL!

(credits to Nikki for the pic..thanks sis!)

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the INOA line is packed with ammonia. If any salon professional actually read the ingredients label for INOA they would see that "Ammonia Hydroxide" is listed on the pre and post shampoo in large amounts. Then, simply look up "Ammonia Hydroxide" in Google or Wikipedia to find that it is simply ammonia and water. Pretty sad how easy it is for a big company like L'Oreal to take advantage of unwitting hairdressers isn't it? Try Organic Color Systems or Henna instead for something that is truly ammonia free.

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