Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Plains and Prints' Ponds Collection

Last June 29, I got invited to witness the collaboration of Ponds and Plains & Prints at Shangrila Hotel in Makati. The event launched the new collection from Plains & Prints called Ponds, inspired by the latter's Flawless White and Age Defying skin care lines.

Ponds collection is made up of of classic and elegant red and white dresses, that won't easily get out of style just like our favorite LBD (little black dress).

The collection is inspired by ladies known in the Beauty and Fashion industry:

Mai Castro Kauffman & Kelly Misa

Celine Lopez & Rissa Mananquil

Divine Lee & Bianca Valerio

Apples Aberin & Patty Betita

gorgeous ladies in their equally gorgeous outfits...breathtaking, i must say.
but we're not yet done, ladies...

here's the entire Ponds collection available in your favorite Plains and Prints boutiques starting from July 3-September 15, 2010:

Top (L-R): Rissa Red, Kelly Red, Youthful Red Sleeveless
Bottom (L-R): Miracle Red, Romantic Red Sleeveless, Classic Red Cap Sleeved

Top (L-R): Apples Red Cap Sleeved, Eternal Red Sleeveless, Lydia Red Cap Sleeved
Bottom (L-R): Divine Red Sleeveless Dress, Glowing White Cap, Stunning White Cap Sleeved

Top (L-R): Gorgeous White Sleeveless Dress, Radiant White Cap, Patty White Cap Sleeved Dress
Bottom (L-R): Mai White Tube Dress, Bianca White Sleeveless Dress, Celine Sleeveless Dress

(L-R ): Jacqe, Flawless White, Lustrous White Sleeveless Dresses

now ladies, isn't the collection more than enough to make you go running to your nearest Plains & Prints store?

and here's another good news:

For every purchase of specially marked Pond's Age Miracle or Pond's Flawless White Day Cream 50g, Night Cream 50g, or Serum 30ml, you'll get Php200 off the Pond's Plains and Prints dresses or Php100 off on any Plains and Prints regularly-priced apparel.

yeah, it's like getting your Ponds item for free!

so what are you waiting for...go now and grab your very own Ponds-inspired classic dress from Plains & Prints. but please, spare me a Flawless White and Lydia Red-capped sleeve dress?
I am so getting them!

more pics from the event:

Jacqe Yuengtian
Senior Brand Manager for Ponds

Sophie and Phoebe

(thanks to Rowena for this pic)

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