Friday, July 23, 2010

thrift shopping...

i was cleaning my closet last week when I realized that I barely have "pambahays" (house clothes). i usually sleep with PJs but because of the heat, i prefer shorts and sandos. i need to go shopping but i dont have much spare money so where do i go?

to tiangges (bazaars) of course!

to my readers here in the Phils and particularly in Manila, you might have heard of St. Francis Square already. it's at the front of Megamall and lucky me, i don't need to drag my fat ass all the way to Greenhills since St. Francis is just a few meters away from where i work. there, you'll find a lot of good buys if you'll just be patient in checking out stalls. some clothes are not of good quality, but if you're lucky, you'll find some really nice dresses/blouses just like the ones you'd find in the malls.

so here's what i got:

boxer shorts, sleeveless shirts and cardigans

i also got these pretty accessories:

and these:

an officemate find this pair cute and kind of formal so she asked me if she can borrow it for a wedding she'll attend...of course, i said yes!

all in all, i think i spent less than 2k. not bad for 12pcs of clothing and a handful of accessories!

i can't wait for next pay day so i can score more of those cardigans. it's the rainy season already but sometimes, it still gets scorching hot outside so this piece of clothing's just right (for me, at least hehehe)!

how about you, where do you shop for some good buys without making your wallet cry?


AskMeWhats said...

I love St Francis and there's so much to find there! I love thrift shopping and I usually spend less than 1.5 k or less than 2k for 5 outfits :)

Bernadette Villanueva said...

St. Francis is far from my place, but I still go there because they're one of the really good tiangges around. =)

Anonymous said...


Ai Ellico Baja said...

Great Finds! 8D

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