Friday, October 22, 2010

i moved!

last month, i finally decided to move out of my old place where X and I lived for more than 2 years, and move in somewhere near my work. i must say it was quite a hard decision to make because: 1) i got so used to that old place 2) it's where X and i stayed together (yep, i am that sentimental)...3) and lastly, the rent is a LOT cheaper.

but the driving after a long day at work (working more than 12-14hrs a day) has finally taken its toll on me. not to mention coming in super, duper late to work the next day which equates to my salary getting deducted which is not good. hahaha!

so i took a deep breath and told myself that as long as i come in to work on time, i can afford my rent that increased to 3x my previous. agh! i can do this....i can do this (chanting).

here's a few shots at my new place while i was trying to cleanup and fix my things:

my vanity table which i just got recently. i've been wanting to get one eversince but my old place is so small that another piece of junk can no longer fit in.

such a disaster, hahaha. i still have some makeup stuff elsewhere and i have no effin' idea how they will fit in here!

i got myself some containers as per Sol's advice. i hope these will help me organize my makeup stuff

and here's the (small) living room:

i'm sure there's a big snake somewhere....LOL!

i've been pulling and pushing stuff from one place to another and i just get tired from doing all these alone. i was shocked when i heard something fell and saw this:


oh well..gotta be a lot careful next time. i am still arranging stuff hoping that my place would be a lot presentable and conducive to (decent) living...soon! it's been a month and i am still trying to drive that snake out of my house! hahahaa.

so, do i get to work on time these days?
that's gonna be a secret.


AskMeWhats said...

eeek sorry on the cracked e/s nalaglag ang puso ko when I saw it!

Hope the move wasn't bad and this time, at least not too far from work :)

Tara Cabullo said...

Oh no :( Sorry to see your cracked e/s. :( Am excited for housewarming. Let's drink that Bailey's! Mwah!

And I know you can do it. Love ya!

Bernadette Villanueva said...

Awww, poor e/s. Best of luck on your new home, Jheng. Kapagod but it's exciting isn't it? =) *Hugs*

Shen said...

anytime you need help fixing stuff, i'm just right here!! wag ka mahiya! :)

sssdawna said...

a snake?? are you serious??! lol i dunno if i would die, or try to keep it as a pet.

sniffle at the, little MAC!

3x more, gosh that's a lot. it is important to get to work on time, though so it's nice that your commute time has been shortened!

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