Monday, October 25, 2010

more from Forever 21...

i admit, i am addicted to Forever 21. a week won't pass that i won't pay that huge store a visit, to get stuff that will help me ease the stress i get from work.

yep, accessories!

i love, love, LOOOVEEE their accessories. well, i am confined to just their earrings and necklaces. i wish i can be that adventurous (and stylish) to sport their bracelets and headbands soon. don't get me wrong, i love their clothing line but i just get too confused whenever it's time for me to pay and i'll pass by another piece which is better looking than what i already have. for the past two instances that i've been there to buy clothes, i always ended up going beyond my shopping budget because i just had to get everything i think is cute.

so yeah, i'll stay in their accessories section for now. beh!

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