Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Product Review: Nichido Girls' Night Out Eye PencColor Intense Eye Pencils

Eversince I started wearing eyeliners some 2 to 3 years ago, I'd feel like my makeup's incomplete whenever I would go out without it. I used to think that liners would make my eyes "too strong," but when people started taking notice and giving me compliments, I know it's something I shouldn't take out of my makeup regimen. :)

I started with browns, went to blacks and when I discovered the magic of mineral eyeshadows + mixing mediums, I took a notch higher by wearing colorful liners. I am now a proud owner of a number of eyeliners -- pencils, liquids, creams and even the gel ones from different known brands. But my love for eyeliners won't stop there, as I see to it that I continue to check out other brands that can add up to my growing collection of eye pencils.

I just didn't expect that a recent fave would come from our very own local brand, Nichido.

Nichido Girls' Night Out Eye Pencils

(L-R) Vivid Turquoise, Deep Plum, 24K

Priced at Php80, these liners are creamy and colors are indeed intense. They remind me of my Urban Decay 24/7 liners because of their color intensity, but these pencils smudge (when rubbed, so hands off!) and they aren't waterproof either. I only wear them on my upper lash lines with a primer beneath and it will surely last all day (again, no rubbing!) They are easy to apply and soft enough not to poke my lids but stiff enough not to break off easily.

Vivid Turquoise on my lashlines

Left: Swatches were smudged once with fingers
Right: Swatches are smudged with water

So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for those well-known brands, you might want to consider these eye pencils from Nichido. These babies taught me not to snob local makeup brands as we might be able to find one or two items that are worth keeping.


donnarence said...

now i want to buy vivid turqoise because of your post.. i have the deep plum and i love it..

Shen said...

affordable and fab.. you just made me wish i live right next to watsons!! i miss you girl!!

rain12blue said...

Hi Jheng,

I'm just a newbie in makeup, I would really appreciate if you could visit my blog:


PS: I'm also a Filipina but I live and work in the UK, I love your posts keep it up!

Crystal said...

ang ganda, i have one of these and too bad it smudges big time on me :(

Bianca said...

woah! i will definitely buy the vivid turqoise :D

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