Saturday, October 9, 2010

What's up, Jhengky!? that it has been (almost) two months since I last blogged, I seriously am lost on how to go about blogging again. But first, let me just say... I MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH! Really!

So what have I been up to and why the MIA? Hmmm, I've been loaded with too much work in the office that I hardly get a weekend off! I go home at night and just doze off with still my office clothes on...honestly, I wasn't able to turn on my netbook for more than a month! I've been shooting some pictures of hauls, some FOTDS but never got the chance to do some editing and then posting them. Actually, I haven't been wearing my normal makeup at all. I've been able to get away with just powder, liner, gloss and a bit of blush...and of course, my brows! I missed my colorful EOTDs!

Also, I finally moved out of my old place and moved in somewhere near my work. I already find it tiring, and not to mention un-safe to go home after staying late in the office. Sometimes, I just fall asleep in the parking lot for a good hour before I realize I still need to go home first. Yeah, I can be that tired! And yeah, i just got tired of being late for almost 2hrs because of waking up late the next day and of course, that darn traffic. And what else is great in my new pad? I live near Sol, actually, we live in the same building...hahaha!

Well, I just hope that we'll motivate each other to come to office early and not be late...ever!
(let's claim it, shall we!? hahha)

And another reason of my absence?

yep, Mr. X is here!
He went home 2wks ago to celebrate our 1st year wedding anniversary. He's late for the actual date, but it's better than not having him around.

yeah, he has grown his hair long now...stubborn X won't budge though I already threw tantrums just to have him cut his hair.

We've stayed somewhere in the South and I'll post about it soon.

Bad news is, he's leaving again tomorrow. (sniff sniff)
He'll be back again after Xmas for another 2wks stay, but I still hope he could go home much more often. This long distance relationship is taking its toll on us, I must say. I admit, it's a lot harder to be in an LDR once you're married.

Oh well....sigh!

So there you go...I really hope that I'll be back to my normal blog posting on the days to follow. I'll be posting some stuff that I should've posted a lonngg time ago, so please bear with me if they are a bit outdated. ^_^

I miss you, and hmmm...I do hope you missed me too!
talk to you again, soon!



AskMeWhats said...

eeeekk glad to see an update from you and wow! Mr. X looks different with long hair! :) hehehe

Enjoy ka lang sis, I'm glad you finally moved in to a nearer pad were you work and at least, near Sol! :) Sana you won't be that stressed when you get back to work!

Sis, stay positive, it'll be X'mas in no time and you'll be reunited with Mr. X again! :) Chikka when we meet!

Tara Cabullo said...

I'm just happy you're so happy despite the long hours. Super miss you, Jhengky! I want to make chika soon! Congrats on the new place and housewarming soon! :)

cleansetonemoisturize said...

glad you're back. I miss reading your posts. I can totally relate to long distance relationships. I've been with the same man for 8yrs and we've been married for 5yrs. Me and son get to be with him only once a year because he's got to work overseas. Good communication is one of the factors that made our relationship last. Thanks to modern technology, communication is much easier. =)
Looking forward to your new posts. Thanks!

sssdawna said...

it sounds like you've been busy, but we're glad to have you back!

sapphirebelle said...

finally!! oh yeah i know youve been too busy with work..your YM status has been "@work" for godknowshowlong...
yipeee! youre back and im happy!

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