Tuesday, November 30, 2010

FOTD/OOTD: Casual day at work....

honestly, i now find dressing up (i just mean not wearing the usual) fun. i am still getting the hang of it, and i guess, my colleagues too! they have been asking me what's up with me because i've been wearing dresses lately. sometimes, i get worried if they already find it weird or the clothes just don't suit me.

but i am not giving up just yet...LOL. i find this fun and it's a chance for me to wear those clothes i have bought a long time ago but never got the chance (or guts) to wear them.

here's my OOTD on a casual day at work:

yeah, i am wearing flat shoes again! and i am loving this pair of Grendha flats i got recently.

hmmm...i know it's time for me to clean the mirror!

don't worry, i was wearing cycling shorts!

and here's another work-friendly FOTD:

til next time!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Product Review: 4U2 Tempting Eyes Waterproof Gel Liner

if there's another makeup item that I honestly can't live without, it would be eyeliner. i used to think that eyeliner would make my eyes a lot more sharp-looking. and with the frequency of me wearing a liner nowadays, it means i was proven wrong...wearing an eyeliner gives definition to the eyes, and gives the illusion of luscious lashes, as long as you have applied it correctly. since then, i rarely wear eye makeup without an eyeliner...and i went non-stop in collecting different types of eyeliners: pencil, liquid and gel.

i ran out of my favorite gel liner, and i just don't have enough patience (not to mention, time) to pay that counter a visit to get another pot. so i went to the nearest mall, and tried to look for an alternative. and yeah, i didn't go home empty-handed...

"Special Waterproof Gel formulation and brush combination for long lasting and easy to apply dramatic lines from the finest to the boldest. Get envy into your life....it's no deadly sin!"

unlike my favorite gel liner, this one doesn't look as black. i first thought it's dark purple...they have no tester at that time, so i just took the SA's word and got myself one.

brush that comes with the gel liner

(oh yeah, it's black!)

it comes with a brush, no need to purchase one separately
shade can go from light to really dark black, depends on how heavy or light your hand is when applying
applies smoothly
doesn't dry too fast
cheap, Php414 for a 5g pot and a brush
pot is not made of glass, so there's no fear of breaking in case you drop it (i always drop mine!)

(L-R) swatched then rubbed, swatched then sprayed with water then rubbed

brush is not that stiff, i use a different brush in applying
not smudgeproof nor waterproof, gave me raccoon eyes at the end of the day

after a day at work:

see that some liner is on my undereyes already and even on the lid?
tsk. tsk.

i had a colleague tried it and it didn't smudge on her. apparently, this doesn't work on oily lids like mine. looking back, i realized that i didn't wear an eyeshadow primer prior to applying my eye makeup and liner. so maybe that's why.

so for those who would want to get this, make sure to apply a primer first especially if your lids are oily. it's a cheaper alternative to my favorite gel liner, but it does take an extra step to make it work. well, for a few hundred bucks less, i'm sure it won't be such a big deal.

feeling a lot more like a girl...

same with makeup, I can say that I am also a late bloomer when it comes to dressing up. i was, actually i still am, a jeans-shirt kind of girl...but lately i realized how fun it is to dress up a bit more. so as of this date, I have more clothes purchases than makeup. (now, is that a good thing or bad? LOL!)

more shirtdresses

and yeah, i LOVE accessories too! i just wish i'd know how to use them... ^_^

i've been trying to change my wardrobe eversince, like be in dresses or blouse/skirts more. but i always fail...i just can't seem to properly pair a piece of clothing with this, or that. to tell you the truth, i'd spend a lot of time deciding on what to wear, digging my closet like a savage and just end up again in jeans and shirt. my sister would tell me to be a bit more adventurous and even told me once to check out magazines. hahahaa, what a loser i am!

oh well, i wish i'll do better this time. i will post my get up from time to time and please tell me if it's a good one or maybe i'd be a lot better off with my usual clothes.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

FOTD/OOTD: Dressing up for work...

I am just a jeans-shirt kind of girl and on most days, I'd look like I'm just going to the mall for errands instead of going to work. Lately, I feel like I need to dress up more seriously-looking even just for work. Hmm, maybe I am getting old and now I would like to act and dress my age? OR I just want to dress up a bit, just because I want to? hahhaa, I prefer the latter...I hate talking about my age. ^_^

first, here's another work-friendly FOTD:

for my eyes, I used beige as lidwash and some peach/pink on my crease...and of course liner and mascara
I've been using this new foundation from Revlon, and will be posting a review about it soon.

I let my hair down but decided to keep it up in a ponytail because...i just feel like it! hahaha

i seriously need a tripod...i just wish I can find it soon (where the hell did i put it anyway!?)

loving these pair from Kickers:

so there's my OOTD...I hope I can do better on the days to come. And yeah, I hope Sol is happier now...hahaha!

shoes again...

bear with me ladies, as I currently have this ridiculous thinking that I am more than 5 feet 1 inch tall...and with that in mind, I thought I'd be better off with flats nowadays:

my 3rd pair from Grendha. I had to go back to Megamall after my visit at Podium just to get my size. Geesh, even my shoe size tells that I am small.

my first pair from Cole Vintage.
after seeing their clothes and bags, I am sure I'll give their store another visit soon :)

i remember that I used to wear sky-high heels back in the days. i guess my heels' height goes down, as my age goes up then.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

are my braincells dying or what!?

my most recent visit at the mall reminded me that i need to replenish my stock of toiletries:

then i realized that I still have 3 tubes of my favorite conditioner...BLEH! i really have to list down my to-buy stuff next time before hitting the mall.

and just because i can't seem to have enough makeup:

it's my first time to try out Orly's top/base coat...i wish this is one winner.

i've been wanting to get this:

so my hair would look like this:

what do you think?

hmmm, guess what? I intended to get a heat protective spray for curls, what i got is for straightening hair. arrrgggh! that's 2 boo-boos in a day, sniff!

i need a heat protective spray and one that would help in keeping the curls stay long...any recos?

EOTD: Easy neutral eyes...

what do you do when you have so little time to do your eye makeup and yet, it feels like a sin to go out without any color on your lids?

use a single shade of mineral eyeshadow! minerals are pigmented and there are shades that offer a (sort of) burst of several colors, so it's not flat and boring. it's also easy to apply and blend. to make sure that the minerals stick on your lids, you can use a primer prior to application. if you don't have a primer, you can also use a sealant or spray your brush with water after picking up the pigments and then pat it on your lids.

i personally like spraying my brush with MAC Fix+, and i find my eyeshadow to last the whole day even without a primer.

here's my usual eotd using loose mineral eyeshadow:

MAC eyebrow crayon in Lingering
MAC brow set in Girl Boy
mineral e/s in Wisdom (sorry, forgot the brand)
Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner
Maybelline Magnum mascara
MAC liner in Fascinating

Obagi Oclipse sunblock/primer
Bobbi Brown Skin foundation
Shu Uemura loose powder
MAC blush in True Romantic
NYX Summer Love l/s
Chanel Rouge Allure in Insolence

i still miss applying more colors on my lids, though.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

most recent loot...

super thanks to a dear friend, Jamie, who brought this loot for me straight from the US:

Obagi, Urban Decay and MAC stuff
(thanks for the gorgeous yellow e/s from Sugar Pill too!)

finally got my Book of Shadows III

hmmm, i honestly think that the colors in these book are not that different from those in the first two books (even from the Alice in Wonderland palette)! but i don't really care...I love collecting these Books!

one last UD item to go and I'm done (makeup) shopping...for this year!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beauty & Minerals at 4!

yep, the name that introduced us to the wonders and great benefits of mineral makeup just celebrated its 4th birthday! i remember meeting Sophie years ago in one of her B&M days where she even taught me how to use mineral makeup. now, it made me realize that it was indeed the day that started my addiction with makeup, specifically eye makeup! aha, you are the culprit, Sophie! LOL!

anyways, that meetup didn't end there. we became classmates in makeup class and despite all the panicking and cramming every class, we breezed thru each and every lesson. together, we told ourselves that doing makeup is fun and that it's one thing that we won't get tired of doing. we then decided to do makeup every chance we get, and as long as our other persona permits...haha.

i am just so proud that I am friends with this very talented (and beautiful, ehem ehem) young lady...we even share this "chipmunk" laugh! maybe you can ask her to do a demo of that famous laugh..right, Sophie? (wink)

In celebration of her brand's 4th birthday, she's having a sale...not just for a day, or for a week...but for the entire month of November!

click on the image for details

and that's just not it...she's also inviting you to another bazaar this weekend:

this girl just don't get tired, huh? well, you surely won't get tired if you do the things you enjoy the most. That's Sophie (0r PrincessCharm...or also known as the Beautynomist), the girl who continues to inspire all of us to strive to do well in what we think we do best.

more power, Sophie!

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