Wednesday, November 24, 2010

are my braincells dying or what!?

my most recent visit at the mall reminded me that i need to replenish my stock of toiletries:

then i realized that I still have 3 tubes of my favorite conditioner...BLEH! i really have to list down my to-buy stuff next time before hitting the mall.

and just because i can't seem to have enough makeup:

it's my first time to try out Orly's top/base coat...i wish this is one winner.

i've been wanting to get this:

so my hair would look like this:

what do you think?

hmmm, guess what? I intended to get a heat protective spray for curls, what i got is for straightening hair. arrrgggh! that's 2 boo-boos in a day, sniff!

i need a heat protective spray and one that would help in keeping the curls stay long...any recos?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jheng! I'm trying to find a nice curling iron. how much did you buy yours and where? :)


AskMeWhats said...

hihihi I wan to see you in "kulot" mode para CLARANG CLARA ka na talaga! LAVET! hahaha

Anyways sis, about heat protecting spray, you can try the ones inside the salon like the L'Oreal TEC line. I think VO5 have some curl boosters with heat protectors na din :) I want to see your hair in person ha?

Unknown said...

the revlon age defying concealer rocks ^_^

ingat ♥

Angela said...

That VS Curling Iron is great. But careful when you use it. I accidentally burned by thumb the first time I tried this one. Try a curling mousse instead for longer staying power. Love your posts, by the way.

Justine said...

Hi Jheng! How much is the curling iron and heat protectant spray? And from where?

Post pics curly girl! :)

MariaKristela said...

I also have lots of stocks of Creamsilk. I don't know why I always buy even if I still have unused bottles. Haha!

Unknown said...

hi Mia and Justine, the curling iron costs P2100+ while the heat protectant spray is P400+ :)
i got it from SM department store

hi clara, este Nikki hehehe sana sipagin ako magkulot kulot para pag nagkita tayo heheh..ayaw naman kasi ako kulutin sa salon, sayang daw. grrr

halu Marge, it's my first time to use it this morning and i am liking it far :)

thanks Angela! yeah, ill keep that caution in mind hehehe

same here Maria, parang panic mode lagi sa creamsilk hahaha

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