Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beauty & Minerals at 4!

yep, the name that introduced us to the wonders and great benefits of mineral makeup just celebrated its 4th birthday! i remember meeting Sophie years ago in one of her B&M days where she even taught me how to use mineral makeup. now, it made me realize that it was indeed the day that started my addiction with makeup, specifically eye makeup! aha, you are the culprit, Sophie! LOL!

anyways, that meetup didn't end there. we became classmates in makeup class and despite all the panicking and cramming every class, we breezed thru each and every lesson. together, we told ourselves that doing makeup is fun and that it's one thing that we won't get tired of doing. we then decided to do makeup every chance we get, and as long as our other persona permits...haha.

i am just so proud that I am friends with this very talented (and beautiful, ehem ehem) young lady...we even share this "chipmunk" laugh! maybe you can ask her to do a demo of that famous laugh..right, Sophie? (wink)

In celebration of her brand's 4th birthday, she's having a sale...not just for a day, or for a week...but for the entire month of November!

click on the image for details

and that's just not it...she's also inviting you to another bazaar this weekend:

this girl just don't get tired, huh? well, you surely won't get tired if you do the things you enjoy the most. That's Sophie (0r PrincessCharm...or also known as the Beautynomist), the girl who continues to inspire all of us to strive to do well in what we think we do best.

more power, Sophie!

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