Monday, November 29, 2010

feeling a lot more like a girl...

same with makeup, I can say that I am also a late bloomer when it comes to dressing up. i was, actually i still am, a jeans-shirt kind of girl...but lately i realized how fun it is to dress up a bit more. so as of this date, I have more clothes purchases than makeup. (now, is that a good thing or bad? LOL!)

more shirtdresses

and yeah, i LOVE accessories too! i just wish i'd know how to use them... ^_^

i've been trying to change my wardrobe eversince, like be in dresses or blouse/skirts more. but i always fail...i just can't seem to properly pair a piece of clothing with this, or that. to tell you the truth, i'd spend a lot of time deciding on what to wear, digging my closet like a savage and just end up again in jeans and shirt. my sister would tell me to be a bit more adventurous and even told me once to check out magazines. hahahaa, what a loser i am!

oh well, i wish i'll do better this time. i will post my get up from time to time and please tell me if it's a good one or maybe i'd be a lot better off with my usual clothes.


1 comment:

jamie said...

wah shopping, bat di mo ko nisama..:P

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