Monday, November 29, 2010

Product Review: 4U2 Tempting Eyes Waterproof Gel Liner

if there's another makeup item that I honestly can't live without, it would be eyeliner. i used to think that eyeliner would make my eyes a lot more sharp-looking. and with the frequency of me wearing a liner nowadays, it means i was proven wrong...wearing an eyeliner gives definition to the eyes, and gives the illusion of luscious lashes, as long as you have applied it correctly. since then, i rarely wear eye makeup without an eyeliner...and i went non-stop in collecting different types of eyeliners: pencil, liquid and gel.

i ran out of my favorite gel liner, and i just don't have enough patience (not to mention, time) to pay that counter a visit to get another pot. so i went to the nearest mall, and tried to look for an alternative. and yeah, i didn't go home empty-handed...

"Special Waterproof Gel formulation and brush combination for long lasting and easy to apply dramatic lines from the finest to the boldest. Get envy into your's no deadly sin!"

unlike my favorite gel liner, this one doesn't look as black. i first thought it's dark purple...they have no tester at that time, so i just took the SA's word and got myself one.

brush that comes with the gel liner

(oh yeah, it's black!)

it comes with a brush, no need to purchase one separately
shade can go from light to really dark black, depends on how heavy or light your hand is when applying
applies smoothly
doesn't dry too fast
cheap, Php414 for a 5g pot and a brush
pot is not made of glass, so there's no fear of breaking in case you drop it (i always drop mine!)

(L-R) swatched then rubbed, swatched then sprayed with water then rubbed

brush is not that stiff, i use a different brush in applying
not smudgeproof nor waterproof, gave me raccoon eyes at the end of the day

after a day at work:

see that some liner is on my undereyes already and even on the lid?
tsk. tsk.

i had a colleague tried it and it didn't smudge on her. apparently, this doesn't work on oily lids like mine. looking back, i realized that i didn't wear an eyeshadow primer prior to applying my eye makeup and liner. so maybe that's why.

so for those who would want to get this, make sure to apply a primer first especially if your lids are oily. it's a cheaper alternative to my favorite gel liner, but it does take an extra step to make it work. well, for a few hundred bucks less, i'm sure it won't be such a big deal.


AskMeWhats said...

Naku dumadami na ang gel liners!I want to try them all! hahaha

Unknown said...

honga, dami na, may mga korean, smash box, bobbi brown and maybelline pa ko LOL. at least that video on how to moisten them up again came out (in case they dry out) ^_^

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