Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OOTD/FOTD: On a holiday...

last week, we had a break from work on a weekday. I took advantage of the break to do my errands that have been piling up for weeks. I would usually wear a skirt, a shirt/blouse and a pair of flats so i can go from one errand to another...but i remembered this pink loose polo shirt that I got some 2 years ago, which i only got to wear once. 'twas terrible that first time i wore it...i looked so big and short LOL! so after i got it back from the laundry service, I put it under my stack of clothes, with the intention of not wearing it ever again.

but I got inspired by those who can wear loose shirts with a pair of leggings. i tried to look for my black leggings, but i wasn't able to find it...hmmm, i bet my sister has it! (LOL) I don't want to wear with a pair of skinny jeans as I wanted to feel fresh and the weather's kinda humid that day, so I took a pair of short shorts.

to let the shirt hang loose would make me appear like I am not wearing any bottoms, so I had to do something. Tuck it in? Nah...I'll look ridiculous. So i took this thin black belt, which i never got to use before, wore it on my hips and then i pulled the shirt up until I was able to see my shorts LOL!

so here's my (poor and funny) attempt:

a closer look:

so what do you think? can i wear this shirt again or should i just forget all about it? honestly, I am not used to wearing loose tops. it makes me feel bigger...but yeah, it does feel a lot refreshing and I don't have to worry about my bulges saying hello whenever i take a sit or something.

and here's my FOTD:

geesh, doing OOTD posts can be quite addicting...but it's a lot of fun. i appreciate your comments, be bad or good. so keep those comments coming, my dearies!

(hugs and kisses)

Monday, December 6, 2010

NOTD: Butter London in Big Smoke

with flash

i love dark shades of polishes. when i brought this polish last weekend and told mom that i brought some polishes i borrowed from Sol of Digitaltraincase, she said, "i bet, they would either be in the shades of violet...or blue. " and when she saw what i brought she asked, "don't you have anything in red orange? or any happy-shades?"


So there, Sol...you'd know next time what to lend me. ^_^

Sunday, December 5, 2010

LOTD/OOTD: Classic Black & White

MAC eyebrow in Lingering
UD eyeshadow (Smog and Perversion...not really sure sorry! ^_^)
Maybelline High Impact liner topped with The Body Shop glitter liner
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara
MAC liner in Fascinating

Obagi Oclipse primer/sunscreen
MAC Pro Long wear foundation in NC20
Shu Uemura Matte loose powder
MAC blush in True Romantic

Revlon Just Bitten lipstain + balm in Passion

on to my camwhoring fix:

yeah, my mirrors need some serious cleaning...LOL!

my OOTD:

whenever my colleagues would see me wearing a dress or a skirt, they would say, "feeling more like a woman today?" i'll answer them back with "well, I am trying...but my male hormones are just too tough to beat!" i admit, i talk and move like I'm gay....seriously! my boss even said that I'll pass being a woman as long as i keep my mouth shut. don't get me wrong, i don't trash talk...it's just that most of the time, I can be so animated that I'll forget my poise!

poise? what poise!?

til next time!
Saturday, December 4, 2010

for the Love of Neutrals...

for those who have followed me since I started blogging (and putting on makeup), you'd know that i used to hate neutrals. hmm, not hate...it's just that I prefer colors, loud colors. but I guess, changes come with age LOL!

lately, i've been wearing a lot of neutrals. not just because i prefer, but where i work, I don't really get to see a lot of women wearing makeup. of course I won't stop putting on makeup just to comply with the norm, but to at least tone down my choice of color palette wont make me feel that I came from outer space. so from then on, neutral colors are a must for me whenever I go to work. of course, I still wear colorful eye makeup but just occasionally.

now here's another addition to my neutral palette (which is becoming the majority in my makeup arsenal, by the way):

Urban Decay's Naked palette

when this first came out, and been selling like hotcakes and always OOS, I wonder what's the big deal. but when i started seeing swatches and sample EOTDS, i just knew i had to own one. again, thanks to SOL for closing the deal on my behalf, just so I would stop pestering her to sold her own Naked palette to me.

i still get excited whenever i open the box!

yummy colors

now i really understand why the fuss over this (gorgeous and a must-have) palette from Urban Decay.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shopping at DutyFree Philippines...

when i heard that MAC opened its counter in Dutyfree, I wondered when will i ever get to visit...so when X came months ago, I asked him if he needs to buy anything from there. well yeah, it was actually me who needs some stuff ^_^ and he knows that...hahaha!

a day after he arrived, we went to Dutyfree where he went straight to the Liquors section (men!) while i went straight to the Fashion and Beauty Walk section to get myself these:

of course, I wouldn't miss dropping by the new MAC counter

my first Longchamp bag...i should've gotten the Large one though

i got myself a sample pot of this famous eyecream, and found it to be great so I just had to get the fullsized pot!

my current favorite lip item, Rouge Allure from Chanel

i enjoyed shopping there, prices are much lower than those in the malls. Also, if you purchase $500 worth of items from the Beauty and Fashion Walk, you can avail of the Club Elite card which you can use to pay your favorite makeup and fashion counters a visit anytime.

thanks to Sol for helping me get the card by spending moolah even though she's at home, hahaha...and of course to X for paying for my shopping as an anniversary gift.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my MAC Carry All bag...

during my firs t few makeup gigs, i used to bring most, if not all of my makeup stuff...i fear that i might forget something and not be able to do makeup well. this is okay if i'll be doing makeup on a lot of clients since I would need different shades of this and that. but would you believe i bring the same amount of stuff even if I'll be doing makeup on just one client?

terrible, i know. to think I don't have anybody to help me carry my big traincase while i still have this big bag where i put my brushes, etc.

as time goes by, i've learned to minimize the stuff i bring to gigs. i've learned that i don't really need all the shades of my foundation, or concealers as i already know how to mix colors. i also learned that i don't need to bring all my black liners or mascaras (LOL..as if there's different shades of black!). so when i only have to do makeup on one or two clients, i know i don't have to bring my huge traincase since I won't have to bring too much stuff.

i guess X might have known that I need a carrying case that would fit just enough stuff, so he got me this on his trip to Qatar some months ago:

MAC Carry All

comes with a mirror and pockets where i can put small items like liners, lipsticks, etc

just big enough to carry my essentials

my small pouch where i put my skincare items can also fit inside

now, all i have in another separate bag is my brushes and i'm ready to go!

i love the color too... stylish and chic, don't you think?


getting ready for 2011...

finally, after weeks of coffee and iced tea overdose...

my 2011 Starbucks Planner

lovin' the velvet cover...yay!

this isn't the first time i went gaga over Starbucks just to get their planner...but i do hope this would be the first time that I'll use it.

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