Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my MAC Carry All bag...

during my firs t few makeup gigs, i used to bring most, if not all of my makeup stuff...i fear that i might forget something and not be able to do makeup well. this is okay if i'll be doing makeup on a lot of clients since I would need different shades of this and that. but would you believe i bring the same amount of stuff even if I'll be doing makeup on just one client?

terrible, i know. to think I don't have anybody to help me carry my big traincase while i still have this big bag where i put my brushes, etc.

as time goes by, i've learned to minimize the stuff i bring to gigs. i've learned that i don't really need all the shades of my foundation, or concealers as i already know how to mix colors. i also learned that i don't need to bring all my black liners or mascaras ( if there's different shades of black!). so when i only have to do makeup on one or two clients, i know i don't have to bring my huge traincase since I won't have to bring too much stuff.

i guess X might have known that I need a carrying case that would fit just enough stuff, so he got me this on his trip to Qatar some months ago:

MAC Carry All

comes with a mirror and pockets where i can put small items like liners, lipsticks, etc

just big enough to carry my essentials

my small pouch where i put my skincare items can also fit inside

now, all i have in another separate bag is my brushes and i'm ready to go!

i love the color too... stylish and chic, don't you think?



Tara Cabullo said...


Ayieh said...

So chic indeed!!!

Unknown said...

How much did you buy this for ??


Unknown said...

what are the dimensions for this carry all the new one is 11" x 4" x 6"

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