Friday, January 21, 2011

my new toy from Kryolan...

for my last birthday, X wanted to give me an airbrush system as a gift. at that time, i've been wanting to have an iPhone so i asked him for that instead. when i chose the phone over the airbrush, i never thought i'd be able to own one i know it doesn't come cheap as well.

but i was wrong...

days before X left, he insisted that i get my own airbrush equipment. yeah, insisted...coz i must admit, i am losing my makeup mojo these days (blame that to crazy work schedule and too much stress!) i didn't think that it's something necessary at this time, but he told me that he knows how much i love makeup and that he's sure that i'll be needing to sort of upgrade my skills soon.

we went to Kryolan and he got me these:

Align Center
say hello to my new toy:

what i love most about it is that it's super portable. it can fit in that black bag and can operate on rechargeable batteries.

hmmm, gotta get used to using this aside from my brushes

here's my other purchases together with some stuff i got for free as their (post) Xmas promo:

playing with my gun...

same with using traditional makeup years ago, i didn't have that much confidence putting on makeup not until i have attended formal training. he did pay for my makeup schooling (and my first set of materials), and now with airbrushing, he made sure that i get proper training as well so i won't mess up with my new toy...err, tools. i'll be attending a workshop next month and i am so excited.

thanks again X, for being the ever-supportive boyfie-now-hubby with my interests. i just hope you won't realize how much you've spent already with my makeup and yet, never gotten any treat from me whenever i earn from my gigs.



Hollie said...


If I were a makeup artist I would definitely buy this...hehe

AskMeWhats said...

ENJOY!!!!! You finally bought one! at least may training pa!!!! Enjoy!!!!

ChinaDoll said...

wow! you really need to own are really good with it and you deserve to have one =)**soo inggit** and your hubby is really supportive =) Enjoy your new toy...i mean tool! Hugs!♥

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