Thursday, January 27, 2011

Product Review: NYX HD Eyeshadow Base

Lately, I am having trouble keeping my eye makeup stay put for hours. I dunno, maybe my lids just got oilier or my HG eyeshadow primer's just stopped working fine on me. I would apply eye makeup in the morning, and find creasing and fading at midday. Because of this, i stopped using darker shades of eyeshadows and tried to get away with beige as lidwash and liner on most days.

Just when i thought it's the end of my colorful EOTDs, this new stuff from NYX HD line proved out to be my savior:

NYX HD Eyeshadow Base

Even out skin tone and smooth out lines.
Perfect prep for true color and long lasting eyeshadow
Be camera-ready in an instant!

wand is like that of UDPP's

soft shade of beige that evens out skin tone on the lids

with primer on the left, without primer on the right

compared to UDPP, this one has a lighter consistency. it applies and blends easily and keeps eye makeup for hours. with its soft beige shade, you can use this alone as it really evens out skin tone. with this, you get to blend eye makeup easy which sometimes becomes a problem with UDPP since it can dry out easily. priced at Php400, this is a lot cheaper than UDPP which sells for P900 (or more) here in the Philippines.

the packaging is also a lot more travel-friendly than their other eyeshadow base (the one in a pot). it's black, sleek and classy too. it does help in keeping my eye makeup stay put for a longer period of time. it works like UDPP (well, this one used to really work well on me), only that this one is a lightweight and cheaper version.

here's an EOTD using Urban Decay Naked Palette:

freshly applied eyeshadow (around 9am)

eye makeup more than 12 hours later
(excuse my uber oily face, and that pimple...ewww!)

i know there's a little creasing but with other eye shadow primer, that eye makeup would already be non-existent at that time (except for the liner)

here's another EOTD using UD Book of Shadows:

freshly applied eye makeup at 8am

eye makeup around 9pm

by the way, i intended to use this primer with my UD eyeshadows as i find them easier to crease than my MACs.

i really can't find anything to dislike with this product, probably only the fact that this isn't sold locally. but of course, our trusted Digitaltraincase online store will take care of that for us.

til next time!


Camille Santos said...

nice review jheng,eye primers for me are important,my lids are super oily that is why its a struggle for me to find a good primer,TFSI and UDPP well..UDPPs better but my eyeshadow still about humidity and cholesterol sa face.hehe

Mar said...

thank you for this review sissie! I'm looking for the perfect eye primer and I bumped into yours..I will definitely try this!

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