Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Collection from Estee Lauder

A few months back, I was invited by a fellow beauty blogger to attend a formal dinner for Estee Lauder's skincare collection. I remember that this brand is my mom's recent favorite so I sent her a message informing her where I was and what the event is all about. At the rate of how she hoards their products, I wasn't surprised that she got an invite too. LOL! Since she stays in the province, she just asked me to give her info about the new products so she might give them a try the next time she visits Manila.

Like the others, I was quite shocked with the prices. But with these precious ingredients, I am sure the collection's all worth it:

South Sea Pearls
These most precious of pearls are fine-milled to give skin an instant luminosity and bright, youthful luster

Colloidal Gold
Colloidal Gold is a delicately balanced solution of pure gold atoms, used historically to calm irritation. In Re-Nutriv, its precious luxury adds to its allure.

Black Tourmaline
From deep within a Brazilian mine comes with this precious "electric stone," a charged mineral known for its energetic properties

Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Collection

Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Cream
It’s a singular achievement in visible age correction:
an ultra-luxurious, all-powerful creme with our ultimate
repair technologies and intense hydrators. Lifting, firming,
perfecting your skin’s appearance like never before.
(Php 13,500)

Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Serum
Delivers up to 5 times the levels of the potent lifting,
tightening and repair ingredients found in the cremes.

Immediately feel more lifted—tighter and more toned.
Helps restore and redefine skin’s contours for a
significantly more lifted look.
(Php 12500)

Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Eye Cream
Now look strikingly younger,
more lifted and radiant around your eyes.

This ultra-luxurious, all-powerful eye creme
is a singular achievement in visible age
correction. Reduces the appearance of
dark circles, puffiness and crepiness.
(Php 5900)

With the generous samples given to us, I fell inlove with their eyecream. I know that the price is steep, but it works for me. Oh, I do really wish that I get my hands on products with a cheaper price tag and yet, deliver good results.

Their face and eyecreams come with this small golden scoop for hygienic purposes. It's uber cute and classy, IMHO.

A little goes a long way, so I'm sure the 15ml pot of my most precious eyecream would last me some time.

As for Mom, she got herself the entire collection and I must say that the stuff really works. The skin around her eye area is not flaky dry anymore, and her face is a lot more radiant. She even said that she prefers this than the previous cream she used from another brand (come to think of it, they are priced just the same!).

I got to try the face cream and the serum at night and I woke up with a supple, moisturized face the next morning. And the best thing? I am not even a bit oily! But yeah, I don't have that much moolah to spend so I'd rather not get too excited about it...haha!

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