Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Walk...or Jog...but not Shop

One of my New Year's resolutions is to get rid of the excess pounds I gained during the holidays. I usually weigh 50kgs and with that, I already look kinda plump...so try to imagine me walking around with extra 6kgs with most of it stuck in my arms and belly. I am not kidding, my clothes hardly fit me and I get grumpier each day whenever I'd spend more time digging in my closet, trying out clothes only to find out that I'm 1 or 2 sizes bigger.


I need to do something. Of course, I need to cut down on my eating...and exercise! Going to the gym is not an option nowadays because of my erratic work schedule. I don't wanna get stuck paying for months in a gym membership that I don't even get to attend...but i need something that would help me burn these fats.

And an angel from above might have heard and dropped this:

(don't you just love the color?)

I hate walking...I admit I still take a cab whenever I go to work, and those who know how far my house is from my work, you'd know I am too lazy to walk. But at this point, I'd do anything that would help me lose weight.

So yeah, I'm gonna walk or even jog these fats off starting this week. I think I got a lot more motivation these days, especially when people start to ask if I am pregnant. Uh-huh, my tummy's bulging sooo bad!

Wish me luck...and hope that I won't just end up shopping while trying to lose weight in case I'd be walking around the shops of BHS.

Say hello just in case you'd see me.


AskMeWhats said...

ako din sis, I gained recently and I hate the fact of wearing clothes that feels a bit tighter...especially when you know it's loose in the past! Goodluck sa walking exercise mo, I love the shoes and i need to buy one myself, I wear tsinelas during my "nightly brisk walk" LOL!

G said...

i just started walking too :P
Good luck to us :D

Bernadette Villanueva said...

I also gained a lot during the holidays, kaya sabay ako sayo, I went back to running. Goodluck to us! And nice shoes!!! =)

Shen said...

lez do this!! need to lose weight too! :) hehehe!

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