Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I got myself for Xmas...

As early as November, certain brands came up with their limited holiday collections and as soon as I found out what I would want to get for myself, I (Mom, actually) made sure that I get my hands on them before they get out of stock. Mom shopped for me and almost killed me from too much excitement by not sending me the items, so I had to go home to the province to get them myself. ^_^

I was like a lil girl once again as soon as I saw this lovely paper bags:

what's inside???

items from Estee, Bobbi and MAC

Bobbi Brown's Pretty In a Box

This was the last piece from the Makati branch and Mom had to threaten the SA just to have it. Yeah, Mom's gotta make sure her daughter (wink wink) gets her hands on this box because she promised! Gotta love my mom :)

Bobbi Brown's Eyes to Go

She also got herself some items from Bobbi, and got this as a freebie. She knows how I'm so into neutrals lately and since she's into colors, she tossed it to moi. Funny that I used to love colors and she's into earth tones.

does this big red box look familiar?


Estee Lauder's Blockbuster Holiday Set 2010

I fell inlove with this the first time I saw it from Liz. When I got to see it for myself at an event, I just knew I had to have one. I just started using it days ago and I am loving it.

lipgloss gift set

Since I am not into lipsticks, this set of pigmented glosses from Estee is one sure great buy!

Whenever Mom goes shopping at Rustans, she never fails to bring home a lot of freebies from the brands she gets her stuff from. And she makes sure that I get some too:

And that's not all, mind you...she had a number of the pouch above loaded with samples. I remember using an entire skincare collection from another brand for months just from the samples she got!

and this lovely bag comes as a gift too (comes with a purchase, of course) and it comes handy during casual days:

I must admit I splurged, but I think I deserve some rewards from working too much!

How about you, what did you get yourself last holiday season?



Tara Cabullo said...

Ang nice lang lahat! And the bags, too! *drool* Miss you, Jheng!

AskMeWhats said...

I love it! Your mom is malakas talaga sa mga SAs to the point they know her na! :) Enjoy the goodies!!!!!

Bernadette Villanueva said...

Grabe talaga si mommy!!! Super kikay! Post photos of her naman. =) Super nice buys, Jhengsky!

Crystal said...

wow!!!! enjoy your xmas gifts dear!

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