Monday, February 28, 2011

Tutorial: Easy Neutral eyes

in as much as i wanted to do a video tutorial, i just don't have time to do so. please bear with me if i can only do pictures for now :)

for those who have been requesting for an easy neutral look, here it is:

1. prime lids with an eye primer to help keep your eyeshadow from creasing

2. apply your base color (Champagne Quartz) by patting the color on the lid up to the crease. to get rid of any harsh lines, use a big fluffy eyeshadow brush and do a wiper motion on the crease

3. Using a medium sized blending brush, add a slightly darker color than the one applied on the lid. brush the color (copper sand) starting from the outer part of the lid going in and stopping before getting to the middle of the eyelid

4. Using a smaller blending brush (MAC 226), apply a color darker (Espresso) than the first two shades used. Starting from the outer corner of the lid, go in brushing the pigment up to where the 2nd color ends. Shading your outer-V with a darker color gives more definition to the eyes.

5. Line upper lash lines with a brown eyeliner (UD 24/7 in Whiskey)

6. Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara (Maybelline Volum' Express)

7. Apply eyeliner on the waterlines and smudge the darkest color of eyeshadow on the outer half of the lower lash lines and your lid color on the inner half.

and you're done:

MAC Prep+Prime
Cinemasecrets concealer
Purederm BB cream
DODO Palgantong Theatrical Powder in Beige
MAC Sculpt and shape
MAC blush in Dainty
NYX lipcreme in Istanbul

i hope you like it!
don't worry, i'll try to come up with a video tutorial soon. by the way, can you suggest an easy-to-use video editor? ^_^


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Friday: Bobbi Brown's Beauty Rules look

here's another Happy Friday look using my new palette from Bobbi Brown:

Rimmel brow liner
NYX HD eye primer
Bobbi Brown e/s in Orchid (lid), Eclipse (outer-V) and Ivory (highlight)
In2it waterproof liquid liner
UD 24/7 liner in zero

Avon Ideal Shade foundation
Cinemasecrets concealer on the undereyes
Palgantong theatrical powder in beige (this i am liking so much, my HG finishing powder as of the moment!)
MAC Sculpt and Shape
MAC blush in Pretty Baby
MAC l/s in Peachstock
Estee Lauder Pure Color gloss in Brazen Berry

i just realized that i've finally grown my hair long!

and here's another silly pose:

i hope you all had a great weekend!
til next time :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brigitte's back to school...

...just for a day for a basic airbrush workshop!

with our teacher, Ms. Faye Young

i got my airbrush equipment last month and though i have practiced several times on myself and other people, i still didn't think i have enough confidence to offer airbrush service to clients. i still remember way back when i had to enroll in a make up class just to have that needed confidence that i can do make up on other people. i've always have this feeling that i need to be to formally trained on everything before i can finally tell myself that i can do it. ugh okay, i just don't trust myself on certain things.. ^_^

so when i got my airbrush stuff, i just knew i wouldn't have the guts to use it on people (and get paid) unless i get to attend a workshop. X probably knew that so told me to avail of this workshop being offered by Kryolan, where he also got me my airbrush stuff.


(now i realized that i wasn't able to get my certificate from LCI...sniff)

i was able to learn the basics...and do airbrush makeup all the way from foundation up to the eye makeup! yeah, even the eyebrows were airbrushed! i totally missed using my brushes during the workshop.

of course we started with worksheets.
and then we also got to work on a live model:

she'd been my model since i started with make up school and still my personal favorite among all my models!

thanks Jamie for filing a half-day leave from work just so i'll have a model for the workshop. i know i can always count on you :)

with Faye, Cherry (owner of Kryolan who also modeled for our teacher that day) and of course, Jamie

Kryolan's having a sale for the entire month of February so i grabbed this chance to get myself a concealer/foundation palette:

originally priced at almost Php 4k, but only paid Php 1900 because it's on sale!
great deal, i must say.

pigmented, great staying power and with the color palette, i can say it's totally useful!

of course, i would need to practice more. i am just beginning to get the hang of it. but you know what? i still prefer using my brushes when it comes to doing the eye makeup. i don't think i'd be able to get the same blending effect that i get from using my brushes...or maybe i'm wrong.

now i am thinking of getting another makeup course/module to sort of update myself.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Product Review: Maybelline Eye & Lip Make Up Remover

I wear make up (almost) everyday, unless it's a weekend and I'm just staying at home. So yeah, i have all that gunk on my face: long-wearing foundation, waterproof eye liner and mascara..the works! so I have to make sure that I always have a make up remover available at all times to take off those nasty make up.

There are a lot of good removers out there, but it wouldn't hurt to have something that works and definitely won't break the bank.

MAYBELLINE Make Up Remover
(Eye & Lip)

Efficient & Easy: This formula instantly removes all eye and lip make up, even waterproof ad non-transfer
Gentle: Formulated for sensitive eyes, it is especially very gentle for the delicate skin around the eyes

To use: Shake well before use. Soak a cotton pad with the lotion and apply on your eyes or lips.

eye make up with waterproof eye liner and mascara

dab cotton for 3o seconds (or more) on your eye

and voila:

funny that my lashes are still curled
(yay for Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara ^_^)

see all that gunk?

what i love:
non-breakable packaging, as i always tend to break things when I'm in a hurry
it works! i just need to dab the cotton a bit longer if i'm wearing waterproof makeup
doesn't leave an oily residue
no vision blurring after use, i've used some that left me with blurred vision which scares me at times
cheap, only Php199.00 for 70ml bottle
no scent
no itching and no allergic reactions

what i hate:

I haven't used this for my lips though. Maybe because I always end up with no lipstick at the end of the day since I have this weird habit of licking my lips whenever i feel it getting dry.

I love this product. I even bring one with me in my makeup kit and during gigs. I've bought a lot of times already and my mom uses it too!

Friday, February 18, 2011

OOTD: Dressing up for work and beyond...

there are times when you'd plan to go out for dinner/drinks after work. and some (like me), are just too lazy to change from office clothes to an after-office attire. at times like that, i'd make sure i would wear something that wouldn't look too casual for work and too formal for a night out. a jacket/blazer over a simple sleeveless top and a pair of jeans made of soft fabric and a very comfy high-heeled sandals would be my best bet.

sleeveless top
Jacket from Oxygen
Jeans from Penshoppe
Shoes from Melissa (Malika)

this jacket is <3!

after office, you can just take off the jacket to look a lot more casual for a dinner-movie date with your girl friends

my EOTD:


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something New: Pantene Nature Care

I've always been a fan of another brand of shampoo/conditioner. But maybe, like my skin, it comes a time when my hair gets used to what I am using and just stops reacting to it. I've been lemming on another (sort of) high-end brand but I still can't bring myself to buying it every 2 weeks (yeah, i drink my shampoo and conditioner like that!).

Then I saw this ad in a magazine:

Pantene Nature Care

honestly, i got smitten by Angelica (who wouldn't!?) and 'twas the first reason why i decided to buy the entire line. oh yeah, i easily get influenced by endorsers too! (wink wink)

i bought the shampoo (small), the hair treatment and that monster-sized conditioner. 3 days of using the shampoo and conditioner (and the treatment, once) i just love how my hair looks and feels right now. i used to blow dry my hair to give it some body, but now i just let it air dry and my hair doesn't look limp (or probably a lot less limp than it used to) anymore. i also love how my hair smells...fresh and clean.

well, i guess buying the products out of my admiration (and girl-crushing) on Angelica did me something good anyways.


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Friday: (almost) Blues look...

Hiyee, here's another Happy Friday look. I initially planned of doing an all-blue eotd but i ended up deciding on mixing with a bit of yellow applied on the inner corners to give my eyes a more awake look:

NYX HD eye primer
MAC brow liner in Lingering
MAC e/s in Sweet Joy (inner), Shimmermoss (middle) and Contrast (outer)
In2it liquid liner
UD 24/7 liner in Zero
Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara

Obagi Oclipse sunscreen + primer
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Sand
MAC MSF in Medium Plus
MAC accentuate and sculpt
MAC blush in Tippy
MAC l/s in Peachstock, Chanel rouge in Insolence

i know, my face gets a lot rounder these days

looking serious here

and stupid here:

til my next Happy Friday look, dearies!

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