Thursday, February 3, 2011

another shopping attempt at Forever21...

it's been a while since I last dropped by Forever21. looking from outside the store, it looks like they have a lot of new stuff so i decided to come in to check...after almost an hour later, here's what i got:

gray/pink cardigan and a gold pair of earrings (i have the silver kind of this too)

yeah, my trip (probably my 5th) is another failure. the huge store still intimidates me that i always end up with (almost) nothing. well, not that i didn't get to like anything...all their stuff are beautiful that i just can't decide what to get, or not to get.


i love my new earrings though!

1 comment:

Dea said...

Hi Jheng,

I've been reading your blog for a few months now but I think this is my first time to comment.

Anyway, I read your post about getting an airbrush set, may I know where you studied make-up/airbrush? I want to study airbrush din kase.



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