Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brigitte's back to school...

...just for a day for a basic airbrush workshop!

with our teacher, Ms. Faye Young

i got my airbrush equipment last month and though i have practiced several times on myself and other people, i still didn't think i have enough confidence to offer airbrush service to clients. i still remember way back when i had to enroll in a make up class just to have that needed confidence that i can do make up on other people. i've always have this feeling that i need to be to formally trained on everything before i can finally tell myself that i can do it. ugh okay, i just don't trust myself on certain things.. ^_^

so when i got my airbrush stuff, i just knew i wouldn't have the guts to use it on people (and get paid) unless i get to attend a workshop. X probably knew that so told me to avail of this workshop being offered by Kryolan, where he also got me my airbrush stuff.


(now i realized that i wasn't able to get my certificate from LCI...sniff)

i was able to learn the basics...and do airbrush makeup all the way from foundation up to the eye makeup! yeah, even the eyebrows were airbrushed! i totally missed using my brushes during the workshop.

of course we started with worksheets.
and then we also got to work on a live model:

she'd been my model since i started with make up school and still my personal favorite among all my models!

thanks Jamie for filing a half-day leave from work just so i'll have a model for the workshop. i know i can always count on you :)

with Faye, Cherry (owner of Kryolan who also modeled for our teacher that day) and of course, Jamie

Kryolan's having a sale for the entire month of February so i grabbed this chance to get myself a concealer/foundation palette:

originally priced at almost Php 4k, but only paid Php 1900 because it's on sale!
great deal, i must say.

pigmented, great staying power and with the color palette, i can say it's totally useful!

of course, i would need to practice more. i am just beginning to get the hang of it. but you know what? i still prefer using my brushes when it comes to doing the eye makeup. i don't think i'd be able to get the same blending effect that i get from using my brushes...or maybe i'm wrong.

now i am thinking of getting another makeup course/module to sort of update myself.



lelila said...

you don't need another lesson to enroll to! you should teach pa nga instead haha

Iambrigitte said...

bolera..matulog ka na!

Steph said...

wooow! the makeup is flawless :) btw, i also bought the concealer palette but the one in 6 shades only, which was 200 pesos cheaper than yours. i was scared to buy the 12 shades coz i only wanted it for personal use. haha

Miss Shopcoholic said...

how much is their airbrush workshop?

Crissy said...

Oh my gosh.. I also went to LCI! I took the fashion diploma course though :)

But hey if you're serious about commissioning me for art (like Shen's) I'd be happy to work with you :)

What is your email? :)


AskMeWhats said...

yay sis! super happy for you! natuloy mo din ang pag aral! Congrats! when will you do my face?

aestheticallysavvy said...

sis, sulit ba? i'm planning to buy the equipment kaagad instead since i've already downloaded some airbrush how to videos:)

Pawprints said...

i don't know if you've seen this video in FB but this little girl would probably grow up like you... a make up guru

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