Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FOTD/EOTD: Fresh-face look for insomniacs (like me!)

as you all know, i don't get to sleep a lot most especially on weekdays. i have this (severe) case of insomnia that i'll stay awake until 3-4am and get up around 7am to get ready for work. most of the time, my skin's gets so dull and tired-looking, and it's quite a challenge to keep myself looking fresh and look like i've slept a lot.
on most days of the week, i try to keep my makeup at a minimum and stay away from dark shades of eye shadows to look more awake (of course, Friday is an exception ^_^).

MAC Swish (lid), Espresso (crease)
In2it waterproof eyeliner
MAC eyeliner in Fascinating (water lines)
Maybelline Magnum Volume Express mascara
MAC eyebrow liner in Lingering
to look fresh, shades of pink are my best bet :) i added brown eyeshadow to give my eyes some definition.

Smashbox Photofinish primer in green

Avon Ideal Shade foundation in Nude
Shu Uemura loose powder
MAC blush in Tippy
Cinemasecrets concealer

MAC Peachstock
Chanel Rouge lipgloss in Insolence

the white liner on the water lines helps in making the eyes look more awake, you can also dab shimmery pigment on the inner corners of the eyes...i've been doing this more often nowadays and it really works! now i rarely get the comment, "you didn't get to sleep again much, no!?"

at midday, when my face gets a bit oily and well, signs of fatigue is slowly showing up...i re-apply my blush, loose powder and lipgloss then spritz my entire face with Evian. i also re-apply my white eyeliner.

so there. i hope i was able to pull off the Fresh-faced look.. but of course, it's still better to have at least 8hrs of sleep everyday. you can fake a fresh face, but i'm sure it would be a lot harder to keep yourself awake at work all day.



LadyLuck said...

I have a similar problem, I cant sleep before 2am and then I woke up with a sleepy face, thx for the tips!

laneige couture said...

hello,id like to ask if lining ur waterline with white eyeliner irritates ur eyes? i gets itchy at the end of the day...im using tfs

Unknown said...

thanks for visiting my site too LadyLuck27

laneige couture, i'm using Prestige and MAC and it doesn't itch my waterline. :)

Camille Santos said...

nice look jeng.i love neutrals that makes my eyes brighter and more awake .godbless

AskMeWhats said...

Fresh looking nga! :)

ChinaDoll said...

Pink and brown shade is perfect and it really make the eyes look fresh. I've been working on a night shift and these are the shades i always use.

I always admire how you blend the colors--you're really good at it! superb! Keep it up!

Tara Cabullo said...

Ang fresh lang, teh! :) When am I seeing you? Miss na kita!

laneige couture said...

oo nga ang galing nya! hope u can post pics on each eyeshadow application...hehe..just a thought
thanks for the tip,il try prestige first

donnarence said...

very pretty as always jheng!! you always look fresh..:D

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