Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gift: Bobbi Brown's Beauty Rules

X's Valentines gift this year:

Bobbi Brown's Beauty Rules palette

the palette consists of: 3 lip glosses, 2 pot rouge, 4 eyeshadows and a jet creamy eye pencil

i love that it's travel-friendly, and the packaging that looks like an organizer

on to the swatches:

Ivory, Lightning, Orchid and Eclipse

Baby Pink and Homecoming pot rouges

Airkiss, Rum lipglosses and Crystal Gold glitter lip balm

Jet Creamy eye pencil in Black

it really surprises me how X knows just what to get me. he'd been giving me gifts like clothes, bag and makeup..he even buys clothes for my mom, aunt and sister. he knows their sizes as well! sometimes i would tell him that maybe he's becoming gay already.

i love this palette, and this will surely be included in my bag whenever i'd go traveling. the pigmentation are just right and the colors are well coordinated for a day to night look.

i just realized that he didn't send me flowers this Valentines. when i told him that, he said that he knows that I had enough of them when he sent me those 17 dozens of red roses on our 17th anniversary.

oh well, i prefer makeup than flowers anyway.


Shen said...

Ang galing talaga ni X. :) LOVET!!

Shen said...

btw, i always like how huge the mirrors are on bb palettes!

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